#Microblog Mondays: Bump Ahead


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These days I am sporting a little bump. I gave in to maternity pants last week and they are so much more comfortable than my regular pants digging into my ever expanding waistline. I am also no longer dressing to hide the bump since pretty well all of my important friends and family know, plus majority of my coworkers. If you didn’t know me you probably wouldn’t take notice of the roundness in my belly but to me it is very apparent.

Most times I see my bump as the one tangible thing about this pregnancy (besides the pee sticks, ultrasounds, heartbeat on the doppler, physical symptoms, ect). I marvel at it in the mirror because it is just so weird to watch my body change.

Yet, when I am in places that pregnant woman frequent (maternity stores, Babies R Us, my OB’s office) I feel inadequate, I wish my bump were bigger, more apparent. I know I’ll get there, and then I’ll wish it weren’t so big and cumbersome. But right now I look to my little bump as physical evidence that, yes I am a pregnant woman, and I do belong. As J said to me the other weekend when I declined parking in the expectant mothers spot (which will not happen until I am approximately the size of a whale), I look to my bump to reassure me, but I am in fact, pregnant.

14 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays: Bump Ahead

  1. I also long for the bigger bump! I keep telling myself to embrace each step and don’t rush it. Random note: I’ve been paying attention to who parks in those spots. So far, I’ve seen old people and couples with children above the age of 6.

    • Yeah, I know I am going to regret wishing for a bigger bump. People totally abuse those spots so I don’t want to hop out of my car with my bump hidden under a coat to receive glares from bystanders (because that’s what I do to people who park in those spots and visibly don’t need to ha ha).

  2. Remembering that time, I fell into the category of assuming that my bump was very truly noticeable. Which is funny now looking back on those pictures. At any rate, I don’t know if you’ll ever get to a point where parking in the “expectant” spots doesn’t feel like strange. But I do know that as time goes on, you will get to that point where it feels more real.

  3. I gave in to maternity work pants as of this weekend. They are the best ever!! I don’t dress to hide my bump but even at 20 weeks its not noticeable to others. I notice because its my body and like u I feel out of place when I see other pregnant women.


    • I think it’s mostly just me that thinks it’s obvious. Other people that I see regularly that don’t know I’m pregnant haven’t seemed to notice. Although I think it has to be pretty apparent before anyone would mention it!

  4. Jane Allen

    I love the fact that I’m 24 weeks and people still can’t quite tell that I’m pregnant, but at the same time, it’s frustrates me too!

  5. The people who knew I was pregnant would talk about how cute my bump was, but I didn’t tell anyone at work til 20 weeks and no one noticed – or at least were kind enough not to comment on my growing stomach without knowing it was a baby. And now I definitely miss the days where it was easy to put on shoes. And pants. And walk up stairs without gasping.

    • Yeah I think if I hadn’t said anything I don’t know that anyone would actually notice. It’s just obvious to me because I’m constantly staring at it from every angle ha ha.

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