#Microblog Mondays: The Tipping Point


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This weekend J and I had dinner with his parents and a family friend who was in town visiting. She, of course, congratulated us on our pregnancy and had a gift for us. It was a little block book about a new baby arriving, as well as a white onesie, with a little turtle on the front. Below the turtle is said “Worth the wait”. It was our very first baby gift, and a very thoughtful one.

It feels strange to have a piece of clothing for a person who is not here yet, because although we’ve seen the ultrasounds, heard the heartbeat, and have been watching my tummy grow; something about this whole experience still just feels so intangible.

Yesterday, we went to Buy Buy Baby to look at cribs, strollers, ect. just to get some ideas though we’re still a ways off from actually biting the bullet and making a purchase. After we got out of the car, and were walking into the store we passed the expectant mother parking spots when J remarked that we should have parked there. I looked down at my stomach where there is hardly any bump, and shook my head. He said “You always look at your stomach, you ARE pregnant.” It was an interesting observation, and not untrue. I feel like my growing belly is an unmistakeable indication that I really am pregnant, but it is still hard to wrap my brain around it. When will I really recognize that I am a pregnant woman?

27 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays: The Tipping Point

  1. It’s a great question. One I ponder myself and have no definitive answer to provide you. I can only imagine you will feel a bit more like a “real” pregnant as time progresses. At least, that is what I tell myself.

    It’s a big move to peruse cribs. Congrats on doing it!

    • Yes, now that more people know, it’s being acknowledge daily by others it is inching into reality, but slowly and awkwardly. We played with some strollers and got overwhelmed and left ha ha.

  2. I’m due in 3 weeks and I still find it difficult at times to grasp that I’m hugely pregnant and will meet my daughter sometime in the coming weeks. I don’t know when that goes away. But I will say the moments of realization that it’s really happening are mind-blowing 🙂

  3. It took a while for me too. After being infertile, it takes some adjustment to mentally accept that you are one of “them”. Glad you’re attempting to look at baby gear and stuff like that. It will help make it feel more real. 😉

    • Yeah, I still don’t feel like one of “them” and the thought of actually buying stuff makes me nervous, but I am a planner and I want to at least look and have an idea of what I want when the time comes. It was very overwhelming though, both in choice and the idea that we are having a baby. My mother in law wants to start stockpiling diapers for us, and I’m like “how do I even know which ones I want at this point?!”. Everyone else is jumping forward to when she is on the outside and it’s freakin’ me out!

  4. Oh, what a cute onesie! I want one now lol. I started to get used to being pregnant at about 30 weeks. Before that it just felt like my body doing weird things.

  5. My husband parked in those spots once at Shopper’s Drug Mart like right when we found out. I gave him shit and laughed since I didn’t really need the prime parking yet. The weirdest moment is when you are just going about your day and you suddenly remember “Gee, I’m pregnant”.

  6. I didn’t really *feel* pregnant until about 24-30 weeks when I was actually showing and people starting noticing, and I could feel the baby consistently. Although, I’m currently 35 weeks and sometimes it still doesn’t feel real. I feel HUGE, but not necessarily “pregnant.” My husband sometimes parks in those spots at our grocery store (I never have when I’m alone), and then he always says “Look pregnant.” I’m huge and waddling, but I’ll do my best!

    • Yeah, it’ll be odd once strangers start noticing (though I am not actively trying to hide it and I feel like it’s sort of obvious now…maybe just to me). Feeling movement I think is going to be huge. I have always glared at those parking spots but now I want to use them but won’t be able to bring myself to do it until I’m huge, I’m sure ha ha.

  7. I hear ya! We’ve been TTCing for almost 2 years, and I’ve never been pregnant. I don’t know how I’d react once I do become pregnant. I don’t know if I’d tell anyone until I look pregnant. Enjoying shopping for baby!!

  8. I totally did the same thing. I wouldn’t even say it in my mind. And I avoided talking about pregnancy to others until the very end. But it was all taken to such a new level once I did fully accept the idea! Im so glad all is still going good. And that the tiny lady is getting gifts too!!

  9. I was so scared that I didn’t really allow myself to think of myself as pregnant until I was delivering. Feel whatever you need to feel.

  10. Jane Allen

    I went to the same store to do the same thing this weekend. Ended up crying in the bathroom as I was so afraid someone would tell me that I didn’t belong and kick me out of the store

    • Oh yeah, I felt like a total fraud while the women with big bumps strut confidently through the store as though this stuff is all meant for them. Strollers are my kryptonite, they’re scary.

  11. nonsequiturchica

    It took me a while- probably sometime in the third trimester after we started to buy stuff for the baby?? I think that it is fairly normal for us infertiles. 🙂

  12. I recognise I am pregnant when I feel the first kicks/movements 🙂
    I am currently nearly 28 weeks with my 2nd and this little one doesn’t stop reminding me that he’s in there!

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