I Remember


In discussing my weekend plans with my coworker, I was lamenting the fact that we booked something other than our normal accommodation when going to visit my BIL and SIL. She asked why we didn’t just stay at a different, yet equally convenient hotel, as opposed to the downtown hotel that I had booked. When I told her it’s because we wanted a suite, she rolled her eyes, and before I knew it the words were out of my mouth; “You don’t understand, your not a parent”. That elicited a dirty look, as she hates when people play the parent card (as do I, for the most part).

Admittedly, I used to scoff at families who wanted hotel rooms with separate areas, thinking they were being prissy and difficult but now I completely understand the preference. It doesn’t mean we always get it but we do try hard to ensure it as it makes our whole family unit a happier group. But that’s besides the point; I remember what it was like when I was on the other side of that conversation and it sucked. Things have changed, I have more experiences in life under my belt now but I don’t want to become that parent who is dismissive of those who are not. I remember.