Mainstream Infertility


The recent popularity of the Handmaid’s Tale has somewhat brought infertility to the “limelight” if you will. Although dystopian, I don’t doubt that some of it is eerily accurate in a world of fertiles vs non fertiles (full disclosure, I haven’t read the book or seen the show but I have a decent sense of it from all of the discussion in the media, and the IF world as well).

A recommended read showed up in my Goodreads email today and it’s another story of infertility. It sounds interesting and heartbreaking. IF showing up in the mainstream world is somewhat disarming. It startles me a bit when I stumble across something like that because it is still unexpected to me. Like the American Greetings commercial I recently posted about, infertility seems to be garnering a lot of attention lately. 

Just the other week, a local women’s hospital in my city published a video showing how they can be there through all parts of a women’s life. It shows a young women getting married, having a baby girl; that baby grows up and the video shows her and her partner struggling with infertility. It shows her crying in the bathroom, fighting with her partner and finally visiting a fertility clinic. The unsettling part about the video is she’s visiting my fertility clinic, and my fertility doctor is featured in the video, as well as scenes from all over my city. The video was very well done and I hope it strikes a cord with a lot of people. 

I’m happy that infertility seems to finally be getting some well deserved attention, but sometimes it makes me squeamish. It’s hard having such a difficult part of life reflected back at you in so many mainstream platforms (especially one that shows actual aspects of my life). But I’d rather have this than nothing. So I’ll shoulder that burden, and represent a face of infertility. I am one in six.