TTC Timeline


January 2006: Meet J while working as a server. Spend time getting to know each other through mutual friends, before eventually breaking the ice by making out for hours, and falling head over heels in love.

May 2010: Have our dream tropical wedding in Jamaica!

June 2012: Stash the birth control, it’s time to TTC. Get all sorts of weird symptoms, naively think I am pregnant. Welcome to PMS after 10 years on BCP. (BFN)

Aug. 2012 – Dec. 2012: BFN, BFN, BFN. Not overly worried, haven’t gotten hardcore about it yet.

Jan. 2013: I get my period (late) during our trip to Mexico. Oh Joy. Brother-in-law and sister-in-law announce 2nd baby due Aug. 2012.

Feb. 2013 – May 2013: More failed cycles, up-ing my ante by starting to track my BBT and adding all sorts of wive’s tales to the mix. Through BBT notice that I may have Luteal Phase Defect (LPD) start taking supplements to counteract. (BFN’s)

Jun 2013: See GP for annual physical and discuss 1 year TTC with no sucess. She doesn’t seem concerned, but orders some standard tests to make sure. Thyroid level comes back abnormal. Referred to a specialist who runs many more tests for hyperthyroidism. We may have a cause. (BFN)

July 2013: Turns out it was thyroiditis (a temporary inflammation of the thyroid due to bacteria or virus). Back to square one. Convince J to get an SA done. Results sent back to his GP don’t look good. Referred to a fertility clinic and get in a cancellation a few short days later. Meet with Dr. M to discuss. 0% normal forms in SA, and count on the low end of normal. Dr. M assures us it doesn’t mean we can’t get pregnant, but that it will take longer. Orders another SA, more tests for myself and we make an appt to come back in 2 months. (BFN)

Aug. 2013: Start J on Fertilaid and a few other supplements. Dr. M’s office calls to tell me he would like me to start on Synthroid, a drug that treats hypothyroidism (the opposite of hyperthyroidism) as my antibodies are very high, and it is just a matter of time until my thyroid slows. J redoes SA. Will get results at next appt. Oh yeah, also niece #2 is born , and my uterus rebels by promptly delivering my period. (BFN)

Sept. 2013: Despite hoping for Murphy’s Law to take effect, we make it to our end of Sept. appt with Dr. M and have not become pregnant. He recommends 3 cycles of unmonitored IUI with 50 mg of Clomid CD3 – 7. Not what we wanted to hear, but at least we are going to be taking action. (BFN)

Oct. 2013: Ovulation would fall while we are out of the country on holiday. Last natural attempt before IUI. (BFN)

Nov. 2013: Take Clomid CD3 – 7, use OPK’s to monitor for ovulation. Manage to squeeze IUI in one day before I fly out of the country for work. Not feeling good about it. (BFN)

Dec. 2013: Taking a month off to enjoy Christmas and just NTNP. No BBT, no preseed, no softcups. Next IUI tentatively first week of Jan. (BFN)

Jan. 2014: IUI falls on Jan. 2 (lucky it wasn’t any earlier or we would have missed it due to holiday closures). BFN. Because IUI #2 was so early in the month, (and failed) we managed to fit our 3rd and final IUI in Jan. as well.

Feb. 2014: BFN at 11DPIUI and again at 14DPIUI. This was our last IUI before we take a break for a little while before revisiting TTC (and most likely IVF). Will have a consult with Dr. M in April to see what the next plan of action will be when we decide to try again.

Apr. 2014: Had been taking BCP since last failed IUI. Did not want to even worry about not trying, not preventing. Just needed a break. Had our follow up appointment with Dr. M, he basically confirmed my thoughts that IVF with ICSI will be our best option. Told J to quit smoking (again) as it drastically reduces our chances. Told us to get that under control, and come back in 3 months once his swimmers have had a chance to regenerate sans nicotine. This puts us looking at IVF in August. No BCP left for April, so leaving that up to chance and will be back on the pill for May through August.

May. 2014: Surprise, surprise did not get pregnant on vacation, the one month I was off BCP. Begin taking all form of supplements and vitamins (J as well) to prep for impending August IVF. Back on BCP until then. Antral follicle count for pre-IVF work up (left side 9 follies, right side 15).

Jun. 2014: On BCP, nothing happening, not TTC and it is good.

Jul. 15 2014: CD1, call clinic to start IVF cycle.

Jul. 17 2014: Baseline ultrasound and blood work. Cycle cancelled for estrogen being too high. Clinic calls back later and cycle is a go after all, delay meds start for 3 days.

Jul. 20 2014: Start 375IU menopur nightly until next monitoring appointment.

Jul. 24 2014: Monitoring appointment, lining looks good, almost 10 measurable follicles, one at 18mm already causing concern. Missed starting orgalutran at the right time in the afternoon due to early LH surge. Anxiously await next monitoring appointment to make sure I didn’t ovulate already.

Jul. 26 2014: Monitoring appointment, everything still looks good. Large follicle grown to 25mm. Doctor will check my progesterone to make sure levels haven’t risen due to the early
LH surge.

Jul. 28 2014: Monitoring appointment, big guy is over 30mm, left side has one around 25mm. Doctor thinks it’s time to trigger. Come back tomorrow to confirm.

Jul. 29 2014: Monitoring appointment, 13 measurable follicles, two giants and a few small guys. Trigger time tonight. Let’s empty these follicles! Freeze all confirmed as estrogen is through the roof at 22,000IU. Retrieval day set for Jul. 31.

Jul. 31 2014: Egg retrieval successful, 13 eggs collected. Will wait to hear from embryologist for successful fertilization report.

Aug. 1 2014: 9 mature eggs, 7 fertilized.

Aug. 3 2014: A straggler joins the group and we have 8.

Aug. 6 2014: 5 made it freeze, one perfect and four good quality. And now we wait for my next period to start in September to embark on the frozen transfer cycle. Transfer expected to be mid to late Oct.

Sep. 26 2014: Start suprefact in preparation for transfer. (Also J’s birthday. The third one we’ll have celebrated while TTC)

Oct. 21 2014: Stop suprefact. Transfer cycle cancelled due to a cyst, uterine lining that was too thick and elevated estrogen levels. New plan of action tbd.

Oct. 25 2014: Period starts while on a trip to Vegas, call the clinic and am advised to come in as soon as I get home (CD4).

Nov. 14 2014: Start Lupron CD21 on a new protocol to better suppress my ovaries. Start bleeding later that day and call the clinic to advise. Nurse tell me to stay on Lupron and she will talk to my Dr in a couple of days and get back to me. In the meantime bleeding tapers on and off to spotting. When I speak to the nurse about it she tells me to keep on Lupron and to come in for monitoring later in the week.

Nov. 21 2014: Go for monitoring, cyst is still present and now grown to 5cm. It is producing estrogen, cycle is not looking promising. Dr wants me to hold on ten more days to see if Lupron helps shrink the cyst.

Nov. 26 2014: Fairly significant spotting (ends up being my actual period, previous spotting just early breakthrough bleed). Call clinic to advise, they ask me to come in.

Nov. 28 2014: Cyst still present, and still producing estrogen. Lining thinning. Cysts need to be aspirated, not a fun process but once drained ok’d to move forward with FET and start Estrace.

Dec. 9 2014: Lining monitoring appt, measuring 8.4mm, ovaries are quiet. Transfer is a go. Start 3x daily vaginal progesterone, discontinue Lupron, continue Estrace.

Dec. 13 2014: After 5 days of progesterone, we transferred one 4BA embryo. Continue with Estrace and progesterone. Beta Dec. 22.

Dec. 18 & 19 2014: Can’t stand the waiting, use two HPTs, get two BFN (one had an evap line, but I was fairly sure it wasn’t a true positive as it was after the 10 minute time limit)

Dec. 20 2014: J doesn’t want to be a part of testing anymore, it’s too hard on him so I test after he leaves the house. It’s positive. I buy a FRER later in the day and use it at work. Definitely positive. Tell J that evening, we are stunned and elated.

Dec. 22 2014: Beta confirms it at 133.

Jan. 6 2015: Bleeding while on vacation in Hawaii. Probably amounts to several tablespoons of blood over the course of a few hours and then stops. Call the clinic but nothing really to be done. Will have to “wait and see”.

Jan. 16 2015: Heartbeat seen, 163 BPM.

Feb. 25 2015: It’s a GIRL! Things are trucking along well so far, nuchal translucency results come back showing no abnormalities.

Apr. 9 2015: Anatomy scan shows everything on track, and confirms it is a girl.

Aug. 26 2015: Baby girl entered the world at 6:15 weighing 7lbs9oz. 

10 thoughts on “TTC Timeline

  1. Elizabeth

    Hello from and infertile in NYC. Enjoying your blog and relating to so much of what you write.
    Seems like you have a break from the madness for a bit. Enjoy!

  2. Ali

    Hi Infertilegirl,
    I just wanted to wish you the best of luck for your transfer, and to thank you for sharing your story.
    I am currently in the middle of stimming for cycle 2 (first cycle cancelled due to low response), and naturally I spend all my time googling and trawling the web for people having similar experiences.
    Blogs like yours help all of us to feel more connected, without necessarily having to get caught up in the sometimes overwhelming land of message boards, acronyms and baby dust.
    All the best,

  3. Kally

    Just wandered on to your sight while waiting my 2 week waiting period after second round of IUI. Today just happens to be your transfer date and I’ve said some prayers for you guys. You are an inspiration for me to stay positive. Knowing that there are so many other women going through the same things makes me feel less overwhelmed in this craziness of infertility.

    Best of luck

  4. Thank you for sharing your timeline. After a year of trying, I was just put on my first round of Clomid. Here’s to hoping it’s my last! Reading your timeline was definitely encouraging though 🙂

  5. Loved reading your details on your timeline and seeing where you are at! Congratulations on the pregnancy and a baby girl, you must be so happy! I pray that one day, my timeline will also say BFP, for now, it’s just TTC and between cycles post surgery. Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. Lots of love from Sam in the UK!! xx

  6. Oh shoot, I just saw it says 2015……. so I am wishing you well on a baby clearly born already. I just clicked onto home to start reading your last post and see baby girl is here already. Sorry about that lol. Sam in the UK. xx

  7. Red

    It really is helpful seeing this timeline. I’m supposed to start IVF in March-April and finding your blog has been a real support. Thank you for sharing!

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