#Microblog Mondays: Vacation/Distraction


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I didn’t want to miss out on Microblog Mondays despite the fact that I’m on holidays. I have some interesting thoughts rolling around but I’ll save them for a post when I have more time to sit and write. For now I am trying not to worry about the fact that I have zero pregnancy symptoms, and allowing my surroundings to distract me from counting the days until my first scan. I hope the first Monday of the year was a kind one to everyone. Here’s how we spent our day;





Ushering in a New Year and a New Era


New Years is never really a big deal to me, I find there is too much lead up, anticipation and time spent on trying to find the perfect thing to be doing. I also don’t do resolutions because I probably wouldn’t follow them and, I’d rather just make a change when I’m good and ready. But this time it seemed a bit more significant; this could be the year we bring a child into the world.

The past couple weeks have been crazy, with busyness at Christmas, being out of town with J’s family (and avoiding drinking, which I did, hopefully unnoticed). I managed to get a bunch of prenatal bloodwork done, as well as another beta. I had a bit of a scare when the walk in clinic called and told me the Dr wanted to discuss my results with me. They won’t give the results over the phone so it was very cryptic and ominous. They called at 8:45pm and as soon as I hung up the phone I got in my car and headed over there.

Being that it’s a walk in clinic, I saw a different Dr this time, so when he came into the exam room he asked what he could do for me. I gave him a brief explanation of my situation and that I had just done a bunch of bloodwork for early pregnancy. He looked over my results, ticked everything off, said it all looks normal and that I am indeed pregnant. He also gave me my beta, it was over 2000 and my fertility clinic told me it should have been over 1000 by that point so that was a relief. My best guess is that the walk in clinic didn’t realize I had already done a blood test for pregnancy and that’s why I got called back in. But I was glad to go, and find out my beta. It gave me some reassurance.

When I first got the positive test, and then beta confirmation I was elated, walking with my head in the clouds. I was trying to not get overly excited, and know that it is still early days. But I couldn’t help but let my mind skip forward. After letting things sink in for a while the excitement is definitely still there but it is more guarded and cautious. We’re not telling family until around the 12 week mark (as pretty much none of them know we went through IVF anyways). I did break down and buy a pregnancy journal. I’ve had my eye on it for ages. It has a page for the circumstances in which conception happened, and it has boxes for IF treatments. Won me over right away. I haven’t written anything in it yet. Probably won’t until our first ultrasound. Which speaking of that, we have a 7 week ultrasound booked for Jan. 16, and it can’t come soon enough.

It’s such a tricky place, this after IF limbo. Will I have a baby to show for at the end of this or will I get kicked back too soon, thrown back into the land of IF? I’m certainly not just a regular pregnant lady now. We went to a hockey game this past weekend with one of J’s longtime friends, and his friend’s wife. J failed to inform me that his friend’s wife was pregnant until a few days beforehand (and this outing had been in the works for at least a month). I was taken aback and at first thought didn’t want to go anymore. Then I remembered I’m pregnant too, not that we would be sharing that information with them. She is showing quite a bit already and due in April. Luckily she was very gracious and our visit did not revolve around her burgeoning belly. She was telling us how when her and her husband went to NYC when she was newly pregnant it was the worst. She felt so crappy and she cautioned us not to go on vacation during the early days of pregnancy as it was just awful. Yet here we are, sitting in an airport lounge, waiting for our connecting flight to Hawaii.

This trip was planned well in advance of our FET and though we hoped we may be pregnant by the time it rolled around, that was often the thought with many of our past trips. So we booked it, and decided we would just roll with it no matter the position we found ourselves in. Physically, I feel fine. No sickness (yet), a bit tired, my face has broken out terribly (I have problem skin to start with) and I had to manage my progesterone suppositories in an airplane bathroom. My mind is still reeling, and I hesitate from getting too far ahead of myself. I am grateful and elated, apprehensive and worried but mostly I am just trying to take it a day at a time.

I think of all you ladies still stuck in the land of IF and it sucks. I am so thankful for all of the love and support I’ve received. I hurt for you, and I wish nothing but the best for everyone this year, no matter what your circumstance. Wishing you all peace and strength to get through, the trials as well as the clarity and wisdom to know what’s best, for you and your situation.

Happy 2015.

Just Go On Vacation They Say


So I am. We are going on a cruise, and I could not be more excited. I schedule this to post to publish itself, since I will be up at an ungodly hour to catch our flight. So by the time this posts, I will be at 30,000 ft.

I have been feeling rather blasé about life in general lately, though I realise it is mostly due to our IF struggles. My coworkers annoy me, I don’t feel like doing my work, or dealing with my clients. I have no motivation to do anything when I’m not working and the general population seems to be hell bent on pissing me off. I have good days and bad, but I really just need to get the hell out of here for a while. I am hoping it will be a chance for us to release the tension we’ve been carrying, destress, get some sun and just enjoy ourselves. And when we come back hopefully we will feel (somewhat) renewed, and refreshed with more patience and strength for what’s to come.

I have refrained from using BCPs this month. I only had one pack left and it was expired, so I said screw it. I’ll go one cycle without before I start back up again. Perhaps by some lucky, magical coincidence we will get pregnant. But I’m betting not. I asked Dr. M if it was ok for me to be taking BCPs leading up to our tentative IVF cycle, and he said it would actually make things easier to schedule because then we can manipulate my cycle with the BCPs. So at least that way I can take another 3 months off treatment, and not even worrying about getting pregnant “by accident”. I suppose I should start taking prenatals again soon though, so they can take the time needed to get back into my system.

So I will be MIA for a while, enjoying the sun, scuba diving and not thinking about TTC (though I will be in the TWW for the duration of our trip, but at least I will be well distracted). I’ll think of all my lovely ladies while sipping something fruity from a hammock on a white sand beach. Don’t hate 🙂 See you all in a couple weeks!