Just Go On Vacation They Say


So I am. We are going on a cruise, and I could not be more excited. I schedule this to post to publish itself, since I will be up at an ungodly hour to catch our flight. So by the time this posts, I will be at 30,000 ft.

I have been feeling rather blasé about life in general lately, though I realise it is mostly due to our IF struggles. My coworkers annoy me, I don’t feel like doing my work, or dealing with my clients. I have no motivation to do anything when I’m not working and the general population seems to be hell bent on pissing me off. I have good days and bad, but I really just need to get the hell out of here for a while. I am hoping it will be a chance for us to release the tension we’ve been carrying, destress, get some sun and just enjoy ourselves. And when we come back hopefully we will feel (somewhat) renewed, and refreshed with more patience and strength for what’s to come.

I have refrained from using BCPs this month. I only had one pack left and it was expired, so I said screw it. I’ll go one cycle without before I start back up again. Perhaps by some lucky, magical coincidence we will get pregnant. But I’m betting not. I asked Dr. M if it was ok for me to be taking BCPs leading up to our tentative IVF cycle, and he said it would actually make things easier to schedule because then we can manipulate my cycle with the BCPs. So at least that way I can take another 3 months off treatment, and not even worrying about getting pregnant “by accident”. I suppose I should start taking prenatals again soon though, so they can take the time needed to get back into my system.

So I will be MIA for a while, enjoying the sun, scuba diving and not thinking about TTC (though I will be in the TWW for the duration of our trip, but at least I will be well distracted). I’ll think of all my lovely ladies while sipping something fruity from a hammock on a white sand beach. Don’t hate 🙂 See you all in a couple weeks!