#Microblog Mondays: Trending


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Many of you may have seen the latest “chain mail” thing sweeping across Facebook: the motherhood challenge. You are meant to post photos that make you happy to be a mother (something along those lines, I’ve seen a few various incarnations). When you participate you tag other people to keep it going. I figured it would reach me eventually and I wasn’t wrong. My sister in law tagged me today. I’m not sure how to respond/what to do. 

For one, I hate these types of things that sweep social media, generally they are annoying even if the messaging is meant to be uplifting. Secondly, I don’t share photos of baby girl on social media, it’s just something I’m not terribly comfortable with (though, don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s tempting because she’s so damn cute and I wanna be all “look how friggin’ cute she is!”). Lastly, the whole exclusion of those who are not mothers. If I was still in the trenches of IF, this little trend would really chap my ass. So my options are; ignore it, shut up and play along, or play along but add my own IF messaging to it. 

I feel uncomfortable just going with it, especially being that I’m supposed to tag others. But I am also tired and don’t necessarily feel like climbing up on my soapbox for something trivial (in the grand scheme) that most people will probably ignore anyways. So I’ll probably go with the avoidance route. Sometimes I feel like I’m still being overly sensitive; the pain has lessened, the wound is healing. But being infertile is like walking through a door and locking it behind you. No matter the outcome, you can’t go backwards.