Itchy Feet


When I was 18 I deferred going to University for a year and moved to England on a working holiday visa instead. Ever since then I’ve had the travel bug. I came home and started school, only to drop out after a semester because I decided I didn’t want to be a scientist. After my time abroad, I feel like I came back a slightly different person. It allowed me to grow, and change my perspective on a lot of things. Don’t get my wrong, I was still young and naive, but less so I guess.

It also caused me to make travel a priority in my life. Once I had a taste of the rest of the world, I wanted more. Which led me into my current career as a travel counsellor. I have been at my current company for almost 3 years now and in the industry (including the time spent in school) for almost 6 years. When I first got the job with said company I was so excited as they have a good reputation, and is one of the better ones to work for in my field.

Now don’t get me wrong, they are a pretty good company, and still better than most other places I could (and have) worked in my area. But you know how once you are on the inside of a company it starts to lose it’s shine. I am definitely at that point.

Not only the company itself, but my work. Although it is usually a different situation every day and travel is a forever changing industry, it is all generally the same crap over and over again. I find that no matter the job, I seem to get itchy feet and tire of what I’m doing after a couple of years.

I do like being the travel industry, but I just don’t know if I can keep doing my same job for the rest of my life. I worked in banking for a little over a year after dropping out of my first try at school, and it seemed like a good fit for me, as I am very analytical and like to have lots of structure. I ended up leaving it, mostly because the branch that I worked at was a mess and it was too much drama to deal with. I ended up working for a different bank while I went to school for travel and just got bored of it. I have a feeling I could have done well, and maybe would have stayed at my first bank job, had it not been for the branch management.

The job I am in currently, is the longest I’ve ever stay at one place. I guess I am a bit of a job nomad. I’ve never found anything I really really love. I think in the beginning, I really loved working as a travel counsellor, though there are some major stressors that come with it. But it too is seeming to lose it’s sheen.

Maybe (ok probably) some of my discontent has to do with the stress of infertility making me less than happy with my life in general. I just don’t really know what to do about it. There is the other job opportunity that I mentioned here. It would still be as a travel agent but doing strictly corporate travel (I only do leisure right now), working from home, with no commissions. So although it is technically the same job it couldn’t be more different. But I know that’s not going to magically fix the problem. It might be good for a little while, but then what? What happens when I get bored again?

This is one of the reasons I would like to relocate, it would open new and different opportunities for me. Secondly I am just sick of where we live now. But in all reality even that isn’t going to be a fix-all.

I’ve thought about what else I could possibly do with my life, but it just seems like an impossibly large scope. And a lot of what I’ve considered would require me to go back to school, not that that’s a bad thing but I can’t quit my job just to go to school so it would have to be a night school situation. I’ve always excelled at school and though I gripe and complain about it, I do like learning. When I graduated high school I always thought I would end up with a bachelor’s degree in something, and the first time I went to Uni that’s what I was on my way to. Somewhere along the line I lost my attention span for school and just wanted to get it done and over with and get out into the work force. My travel diploma afforded me this, as it was an accelerated program. So now I feel somewhat under-educated I guess? I feel like I am generally a pretty smart person. Am I living up to my potential?

I know I can’t do something I don’t like so I suppose it doesn’t matter what my education level is but I’m stumped. A few of the things I feel passionately about in life are travel, literacy and animal rescue. I am already working in a career involving one of those things, I’ve volunteered with a literacy organization previously, and am considering volunteering with a local animal rescue society. I feel like I need a life coach to help steer me in the right direction, but I don’t really think it’s just that simple.

I like having the stability of roots and a comfortable job, making decent money and being able to pay the bills, as well as afford the niceties of life. But at the same time, I get bored of the sameness of every day, I crave change and excitement. I can’t really have both though, as they are mutually exclusive. I feel like I’m an enigma wrapped in a paradox, topped of with a dollop of contradiction. What’s a girl to do?