Invasion of the Body Snatchers


Can I just say that it seems like every freaking person on the planet is pregnant, or just had children this year!? I know it is something you notice more once you start TTC, but lemme break it down for you.

I had to go on my Facebook account to actually take stock, because I couldn’t keep count them all up in my head, but I actually did a tally and there are 14 of my friends currently pregnant (one with twins!), and 12 that have a baby that is a year or younger. Like, seriously!? What is in the water, and how can I get a few litres of it!

I am of that age, where most of my friends are now married (or have been for a few years already) so some of them already have one child and are on their second. It is annoying, lemme tell ya. In some circles all I hear about is their pregnancies, or their kids, or their boobs, or hooha’s. I’m sure I will get sucked into these discussions when it is my turn, but I will surely be more considerate if there is a non-parent in the group (I hope).

And don’t even get me started on celebrities. It seems like every celebrity on the face of the earth decided to have a baby this year, including several that were happy accidents (HA!). Plus it is the year of the royal baby, so that set everyone into a baby frenzy.

Besides people I know, and celebrities on TV it seems like a mass of the general public is pregnant as well. Everywhere I go there are pregnant ladies. Did I mention the spa I go to for accupuncture is a pregnancy spa? Yeah, that doesn’t help matters.

The last time I went for accupuncture I was one of the last appointments of the day, so despite the fact that there were maternity photos and baby paraphernalia everywhere, there were no actual pregnant ladies. Last night I went for another treatment, but this time it was midday and I came face to face with a mega preggo belly.

As I was sitting in the very small lobby (with two chairs that sit perpendicular to each other) a very pregnant lady was just getting ready to leave. She attempted to put her boots on at the door, but standing up she was having some difficulties. So she came and sat in the chair next to me, and I was close enough to reach out and touch her giant belly.

I felt super awkward and was trying to avert my eyes from her stomach, without acting like a total spaz. I didn’t want to ask how far along she was, or if she knew what she was having but it seemed weird if I didn’t say anything, sitting in a pregnancy spa, next to a pregnant woman, who was practically in my lap. So  I complimented her boots.

And then my accupuncturist called my name, and I jumped up like I’d been shocked. Longest 20 seconds of my life. Perhaps I should have rethought that spa.

*Edit – I forgot to mention, the same day I had acupuncture I also had a massage and the therapist was, you guessed it, pregnant.