#Microblog Mondays: Returning to the Scene of the Crime


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Last week I needed a refill on my prenatal vitamins. Mine are prescribed to me, because that’s just how my fertility clinic rolls. When I decided to pursue IVF they wrote me a prescription for something like 2 years worth of prenatals. It has a higher amount of folic acid, and is split into two doses for better absorption, or something to that effect. It’s actually been to my benefit because since it is a prescription, it is covered by my benefits, and those suckers are expensive normally. Especially for someone like me who has spent 3 years taking them!

I get the prescription filled at a special pharmacy that stocks all matter of fertility meds, aids and a bunch of stuff for once you actually get pregnant as well. So it’s the same pharmacy I went to for all of my injectable drugs. I was there near every other day during the times of my IVF cycle, and subsequent transfer. I saw a lot of the same faces as would be at the clinic first thing in the morning because we would have our scans done and then be sent off to the pharmacy to pick up whatever meds were needed for the next steps. I never spoke to any of the other women, but we were pretty well all there for the same thing.

The last time I had to get more prenatal vitamins I was definitely not showing much, and I was still in the early days (in my mind) of my pregnancy. It felt weird not being there for more needles, swabs and meds to jack up my ovaries, but no one else would know that. This time, I was 6 months (obviously) pregnant. Luckily there was only one other person there at the same time as me but she was getting a prescription for some sort of injectable and they were teaching her how to use it.

I sort of wished I could sink into the floor. I felt bad walking in there with my big pregnant belly. It’s no longer a place for me, for which I am thankful.

*Alright, so it’s not actually Monday anymore but nothing was coming to mind yesterday when I was trying to come up with a post.