FML/Relationship Challenge Day 17 & 18


Soooo today is one of those days that is a bit tougher than normal. I was getting ready to go wedding dress shopping with a friend, something fun to keep me busy. I made the mistake of scrolling through Facebook (I know, I know I should really deactivate it) this morning on my phone. One of my friends who is unmarried, with her boyfriend for a few years, and had an “announcement” to make, followed by pictures. So before I looked at the photos I thought, “oh, nice they got engaged!”. Nope. They’re pregnant. Of course they fucking are. She’s a nice person, but not quite a grown up yet, and this was obviously an “accident” (for the record there are no accidental pregnancies, either you prevent them or you don’t).

So that put me in a bit of mood this morning, but I tried to put it past me, I had a good time dress shopping with my friends (even though one of them is 5 months pregnant right now. With her third. Don’t worry, she’s not the one getting married). Plus there was another pregnant woman at the bridal shop with her friend who was trying on dresses. We went out for lunch afterwards, and I had sushi for lunch, and we (the non preggos) had cocktails to toast our outing. Only after was I thinking that I shouldn’t really have had that drink, or the sushi. As the clinic instructs I am supposed to act as though I am pregnant until proven otherwise. So that’s fun for me. I’m sure it won’t be an issue even if I am pregnant, I most likely won’t have implanted yet. But just another annoying reminder of where I am in my life.

Tonight I was at home making snacks for the super ball party we’re going to tomorrow when my mom text me. My cousin and his wife (who announced their pregnancy at Christmas) are having twins. Sweet, so they get two and I get none (so far). So now I’m watching 50 first dates and getting teary at every little sappy part. I think I might have to watch Moulin Rouge sometime soon. It’s my go to sad movie that let’s me have a good cry.

So, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. We’ll be with friends at a super bowl party (though they will all have their children over). No one better ask me when it’s our turn, and nobody better ask me why I’m not drinking (I’m going to abstain the rest of the TWW, after todays little slip up, just to be on the safe side). So here’s to a new, better day. I have a pretty busy week coming up (work wise at least). I am going to try and go to the gym fairly regularly, and make other plans over the next week and a half to keep me distracted and busy. Any tips on beating the TWW would be much appreciated.

Onto relationship challenge Day 17 & 18;


Our relationships are powerfully affected by our own state of mind and body. For that reason, I spend a lot of time making sure that I feel energetic, because when I have energy, I’m more loving, more tolerant, more good-natured, and more patient with the people I love.

To boost my energy level, I make sure to get enough sleep, to get some exercise, to keep clutter at a reasonable level, to tackle nagging tasks before they drive me crazy, and so on.

But sometime we all crash.

Here’s a secret tip. If you need a quick, easy jolt of energy,right away, all you have to do is—jump. Jump up and down, do jumping jacks by your desk, run down the stairs, hop over a puddle.

There’s something goofy and childlike about jumping, and getting both feet off the ground gives a shot of energy and good cheer immediately.

So resolve to “Jump” if you’re spoiling for a fight, feeling annoyed by someone, or overwhelmed by impatience.

Ok, admittedly, I think this one is a bit silly. But, when I think about it physical activity is good. I always feel better after I go to the gym (even if I hate every minute of it). It releases endorphins, which make you feel good. So although I’m probably not going to start hopping around when I get frustrated, I can resolve to get more physical activity, as a way to keep my mood up. Especially during these tough times.

Embrace Good Smells

The sense of smell is a powerful, but often overlooked, element of our experience. Research shows that paying attention to smells actually enhances our ability to perceive them; if we don’t attend to them, they drift off unnoticed.

By reminding ourselves to be mindful of the fragrances we associate with the people we love, we can amplify our enjoyment and appreciation of this physical sense.

The scent of a person’s shampoo, cologne or perfume, body lotion, or toothpaste. The smell of their favorite drink, or the wool of a favorite sweater, or the particular atmosphere of a bedroom.

How I love the smell of the baby lotion that I associate with my daughters’ babyhoods, and the starchy, masculine smell of my husband’s shirts. (On the other hand, I remember when a friend said, “On my way to work, I walked by a guy wearing Drakkar Noir, the cologne my ex-boyfriend used to wear, and it ruined my whole morning.”)

Few pleasures have the simplicity of a lovely scent.

Resolve to “Embrace good smells” to notice and appreciate the fragrances associated with the people you love.

Ok, this I can get on board with. I always wear perfume, it makes me feel like my outfit is complete. I love the smell of J’s cologne, but also just his deodorant, the clean smell after he comes out of the shower. The warm puppy smell of my dog, fresh coffee, bacon, chocolate. Smells hold such strong memory triggers for me, and it is such a simple pleasure.

Enjoy your Saturday night folks.