#Microblog Mondays: Holiday Traditions


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For most struggling with infertility the holidays are a prickly time of year. I know I had a difficult time with Christmases past, so I am really excited for this year, as I will get to share it with my daughter. I was searching for special traditions and ideas for a baby’s first Christmas when I came across a few different articles which took me back to my infertile roots. 

One article began with the following tag line;

The holidays don’t really feel like the holidays until you’ve welcomed a new baby to the family.

Nice, because you don’t matter during the holidays unless you have a baby.

Another peice had an idea for a yearly family photo with your child to chart time, and added “Hey, maybe next year you’ll have a bump”. Blech, how obnoxious. 

Last year we found out we were pregnant, 5 days before Christmas, and this year we have our baby to celebrate with but I certainly haven’t forgotten the pain the holidays used to bring. I am so thrilled I get to start traditions with my baby girl this year but I’ll still roll my eyes at the overtly family-centric sentiment the holidays bring out.