#Microblog Mondays: Showered with Love


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I’ve had two showers over the past week, one put on by my coworkers and one hosted by my aunt. I survived  both, and overall they weren’t terrible (ha!). The one my work put on was a little cheesy, some of the typical games like chocolate in the diapers, but it was really nice of them and everyone is really excited for us. The one my aunt hosted was quite lovely as I may have made my preferences known early on, so I got my wish; a brunch shower with no silly games. I still don’t love opening gifts in front of everyone, as I just find it awkward and hate being the centre of attention. I may be able to avoid this at our last shower (in Aug.) as it is a coed BBQ and more of a drop in thing.

Most people obliged by our registry which I appreciated since there’s a reason I’m asking for certain things. Plus I’m sure if someone is going to make the effort to get us a gift, they want it to be something we need/want. My favourite gift, however, is not something off our registry.

My oldest friend, who I’ve known since elementary gave me something priceless;

“How wonderful life is now you’re in the World!”

A custom piece of artwork that she hand drew herself, using a quote from “Your Song” which is prominently featured in my favourite film; Moulin Rouge. And what a fitting quote it is, though our daughter only lives in the world inside of me for now, life is certainly wonderful now she’s in our world. This definitely elicited some tears from my icy heart.

*And there’s a little sneak peek of the nursery for now…