#Microblog Mondays: Flutters


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For the past few weeks my pregnancy apps have been telling me I can expect to feel flutters of movement soon, so when I think of it I have been paying keen attention to see if I felt anything. For the first couple weeks I was disappointed that I felt nothing. Then one day I had what could have been general stomach rumblings, gas movement, ect. Except it wasn’t, it just felt different but very subtle and infrequent. That was about a week and a half ago. The feeling is still quite subtle but I can count on it more after dinner when I am quietly sitting on the couch, or at bedtime. It’s almost like someone is softly drumming their fingers inside my uterus. It’s very weird, but very cool.

Last night she gave a few little kick kicks, and then one mighty WOMP! It was still very soft, but definitively different. J asked me what I was doing because I was laying really still and staring off into space. I told him I was bonding with Poppet* and he gave me a bit of a frowny face because it’s much too soft for him to feel anything on the outside yet and poutily exclaimed that I get 9 months of bonding. It’s a new and exciting time to actually be able to feel her, and I can’t wait until her kicks get stronger and more frequent (I’m sure I’ll regret that wish when she’s digging into my ribs or kicking me in the bladder). I really can’t wait until J can feel her, he is so enthralled with her, and my belly and I know he feels a bit left out now that I am feeling her, and he’s not. Another tangible step in the direction of pregnancy progression!

*I will continue to call her Poppet in my blog, we use her real name in the privacy of our home but until she’s here, it will be under wraps.