#Microblog Mondays: You are Your Mother’s Child


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I understand the sentiment of the phrase “you are your mother’s child” but I’ve always thought it a bit silly. This weekend, it was exactly what popped into my head. We took baby C to see Santa this past Friday and luckily, hubby had a day off work so we went as a family. Of course we put her in a cute outfit to get the obligatory “first Christmas” photo. If she’s afraid of him in future years I won’t be the parent who plops the screaming child on Santa, when they’d clearly rather be anywhere else (though I will admit those photos are kind of funny, in a twisted way).

I held her in front of Santa for a minute while so she could see him, and while he asked what her name was, and how old she was before handing her over. The photographer had a bell and a puppet to get her attention and while she did look right at the camera, there was no way she was going to give us a smile. She wasn’t scared or crying, so we took what we could get, her looking surly (and adorable). 

She does give smiles, but honestly usually just to me, slightly less so to my hubby (poor guy) and occasionally to strangers. But otherwise she is a rather serious girl. She observes, and takes it all in; just like her overly analytical mom. Apparently my grey-blue eyes aren’t the only thing she’s inherited.