Winter Wonderland


As we lead into Christmas the busy-ness and stress is beginning to peak. Lots of little last minute things to do, baking and cooking, and preparing for lots of bouncing around for family visits before packing up and heading to the mountains for a few days with hubby’s family.

This time last year we were holding the secret of our brand new pregnancy, and this year we get to celebrate with our chubby, near four month old. Last year we got our Christmas wish in a successful FET, it was the best and only thing I really wanted and this year we get to enjoy our first Christmas as a family of three. We are truly lucky, because many with our same wish are still waiting. 

Admittedly I am feeling much more festive this year than Christmases past (even last year, as before our BFP we were in the throes of a very stressful on again off again FET cycle). I can’t wait for Christmas morning with my little family, baby snuggles with my daughter. It still seems weird to say that; my daughter. When does it get less weird? I do most of her day to day care, and spend nearly 24/7 with her but the reality that she is mine is still more than my brain can absorb. But my heart, I feel it there. Perhaps logic just takes a while to catch up. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, wishing you and yours the very best. And if 2015 wasn’t your year, I am sending love and light your way and hoping for a better 2016.