Peace and goodwill, to all (wo)mankind


Well, the year is almost done, and I bid it good riddance. I can’t say it’s been all bad, in fact there has been a lot of good. But it was 2013 that we hit our 1 year mark of TTC, received an infertility diagnoses and continued to fail at making a baby(ies).

I’ve worked hard at keeping busy (6 trips in 12 months), focusing on J and I (and our pups), and generally just dealing with the hand that we’ve been dealt. I am looking forward to the New Year, even though it’s just a change of the date, it feels like a fresh start. And for us, it sort of will be. I have IUI’s tentatively booked for Jan. 2, 3, and 4 (I’m betting on it being on Jan. 3).

I started my round of clomid last night, and in an unusually optimistic gesture, high fived J before popping it down the hatch. I’m sure I won’t be as upbeat once I am in the dreaded TWW, but all I can do is hope for now.

I’ve noticed more and more lately that Christmas is an excessively family-centric holiday. Obviously I am more hyper aware of it now, but luckily only 1 of my cousins has a child, so Christmas with my family is a grown up affair (though we do carry on like children once we’ve gotten into the Christmas cheer).

I had some friends give me their family Christmas cards the other day (you know the sickeningly sweet ones with them and their kids all posed and dressed up). I thanked my one friend, and said “I don’t really really do Christmas cards”, to which she replied “Oh, well you don’t have kids”. As in, there’s no point if you don’t have a cute little family to share. Grrr. I have dogs, J and I could get all fancied up and take a photo. Christmas is not just for families with kids dammit!

Anywho, that’s my Christmas related rant, but in all fairness I still love Christmas. I am feeling very thankful for my family, and friends, my hubby, my dogs and all the lovlies out in this blogger world of ours. I have lots of visiting, and eating and drinking to enjoy in the next week. In my own twisted way, I am glad not to have to hide a pregnancy at Christmas (though I would have managed if I had to).

2014 will bring big changes, whether in the form of another member being added to our family, or changing our locale. We shall see which wins out. Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

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