#Microblog Mondays: Thoughtul Speaking


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I’ve been back at work for nearly a month and a half now, and Baby Girl has been going daycare. She does really well with it now; drop offs used to involve tears but she seems more comfortable now. But the germs. Oh, the daycare germs are killing us. She’s had a strange rash that disappeared as quickly as it came, pink eye and a cold (coupled with teething molars). Fun times.

So inevitably, I caught her cold and have been rendered nearly mute for the past couple of days. When I get a cold bug that brings a really sore throat I tend to lose my voice. Last night it hurt to swallow let alone attempt to talk in my squeaky whisper of a voice. It is sort of nice to just be silent sometimes (though I’d prefer it to be a choice, rather than illness related) and if it is going to pain you to speak, you take the time to consider if it is worth it. Am I going to strain and pain myself just to complain about something, or fill the air with idle celebrity gossip or the like; probably not. Perhaps I should attempt to adopt this careful, deliberate thought before speaking once my voice returns in full force…


7 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays: Thoughtul Speaking

  1. nonsequiturchica

    Daycare colds are the worst! My husband and I NEVER got sick until our daughter went to daycare. I’m hoping that now that my son is also in daycare we built up some daycare immunity and won’t get sick (at least as often)!

  2. Oh no — I hope you feel better soon. Though that would make me notice how much I need to say vs. how much I just talk talk talk incessantly.

  3. Gosh those daycare viruses, Ugh! The worst was HFM (hand, foot, and mouth) Our daughter only had a little fever and a little rash. I was covered with sores. Hand washing, hand washing, hand washing. Feel better.

    P.S. Hot Hot Hot tea with honey and apple cider vinegar is excellent for raspy voice. It tastes vile–but it works.

  4. Feel better soon! Knock on wood…except for a couple kids with runny noses, we haven’t had too much illness in my daycare so far this year. Hope to God it stays that way. It’s that time of year to make sure I’m diffusing Thieves every day, lol.

  5. I hope you all feel better soon! I’m hoping one day to be immune to daycare germs since I work in a middle school… Wishful thinking probably. Great point about conserving your voice and then thinking on when it’s worth opening your mouth and when that thought should just stay right in there…even after. Love that thought!

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