Perfectly Imperfect?


I just saw this commercial for Plan B “emergency contraceptive” and my reaction was, “WTF?!”. Maybe I’m overthinking it, or my IF history is making me overly sensitive but I feel like they are being really flippant. Like, eh don’t worry about birth control until it’s an “emergency situation”. Is this commercial a bit ridiculous, or is it just me?

7 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect?

  1. I am guessing the commercial is meant to make people feel better about themselves for having to take “emergency birth control,” because I’m pretty sure there would be a lot of stress in that situation and I doubt the couple in question (if it was a couple decision) would be prancing around all lovely dovey. More likely freaking the F out. Also I remember reading about some nasty side effects; it’s not a fun or trivial medication.

    • Right?! They make it seem like a fun/normal thing. I understand there may be circumstances when it’s a good option to have (ie. condom breaking) but they act as though it’s a practical, and common use thing. Bad advertising.

  2. nonsequiturchica

    The tone of the commercial is a bit odd as it is too casual, but I think I agree with Tortuil that the ad is possibly trying to take the stress out of a stressful situation. Plan B could be used if you are having sex with your boyfriend and forget to use a condom because you were drinking, but it is also used for rape victims.

    • Yeah, I guess it’s a difficult balance. I fully get that there are times when this is a good option to have, but despite the commercial calling it an “emergency contraceptive” it comes across as a casual use sort of product. That’s the part that bothers me the most, I guess.

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