#Microblog Mondays: My Love-Hate Relationship with Google


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While attempting to get pregnant, undergoing fertility treatments, through pregnancy, and now with a new baby, Google has always been my trusty sidekick. My search history of the past several years in the quest for baby has been…well interesting; varied and bordering on crazy sometimes. I’ve spent hours poring over message boards, blogs, and medical websites. 

When I am dealing with something that is out of my control I google the crap out of it. To me information is power. A psychologist I saw during my IF treatments told me there are two kinds of people in medical situations; those that want every peice of information and those that want to know the bare minimum. I am the former, my husband is the latter. Perhaps because I am a very analytical person, I need to have all the details, I want to know and understand. I look for answers and things that I can do to help whatever situation I’m in. I don’t like being a passive participant in anything. 

With a new baby come lots of questions, so I am constantly googling; breast feeding, sleep schedules, green poop (that’s what we’re dealing with today…). It drives my husband a bit nuts because sometimes I get so much information that I get upset or conflicted, but I feel like I need it so I can sort through everything myself and come to my own conclusions.

Is Google your friend or foe? Are you an information seeker, or more of a head-in-the-sand kind of person?

25 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays: My Love-Hate Relationship with Google

  1. Pcosandpizza.blogspot.com

    I was the same way whilst dealing with infertility and an the same way now that I am
    A mom. I google so much still because I am on my phone pretty much all day because I sm feeding all day.

    • Yeah, that’s me too, googling while feeding (though I spend half as much time feeding as you do). I question everything and sometimes second guess myself, so Google is good and bad.

  2. I have to know everything but DH really doesn’t want to know. That said, Dr Google drives me crazy!! Especially when reading forums overrun by clueless people with terrible spelling. But I keep googling… whether I should or not.

  3. I’m totally with you, and DW with your hubby. I wonder sometimes whether she would be more into gathering details if I weren’t so into doing it, like if they’re just leaving it up to us because they know we like it and are good at it or if they really do not care to know more. I’d be lost without my phone, but not because of social media, it’s because of Google search, google maps, and my calendar.

    • I know my hubby truly doesn’t want to know in some cases, he gets overloaded by too much information, whereas I like to gather it and sort it for myself. I am totally attached to my phone for similar reasons as well!

      • Yeah I can think of a few examples where DW would not want to know… Such as preparing for birth: I want to know all the good & scary possibilities so there are fewer surprises, and actually felt more prepared for birth by watching a ton of live births on YouTube, both vaginal and c/s. She would not be at all interested, and probably even less so if it were her giving birth.

      • Ha ha, that is something I did not Google a ton because it freaked me out too much. We watched a video in our prenatal class and it had examples of several types of births, as well as drug options et al. So I suppose that was my “research” though in hindsight I wish I would have learned a bit more about different drugs used, because I got oxytocin somewhat unnecessarily. It wasn’t a huge issue in the end but did cause a few minor problems that could have been avoided. One has to be educated to advocate for oneself.

  4. It’s great if you can weed out the nonsense from the useful. Like any advice really!
    P.S. We had green poos for about a week, 15/16 weeks old. Trying to ensure that he gets the hindmilk by leaving him on the boob longer. Do the poos have a ‘vinegar’ smell?

    • Yeah, there is definitely some “info” that I roll my eyes at.
      We gave her a bottle of expressed milk that had been frozen. I’m thinking that was the culprit as I’m thinking some of my pumped milk may be more fore milk than hind. Still was alarming to see though, and it didn’t happen last time. Could have just been that bag of milk, hopefully it doesn’t happen every time we give her EBM. It did have a weird smell, I don’t remember if it was vinegary though.

  5. I’m both, if it’s something I can understand, I want to know everything. If it’s medical jargon, I tend not to google a ton because I’m not an analytical person so I have trouble understanding medical research and figuring out what it means in relation to me.

  6. Google and books are my friends. I used to give Josh the executive summary because he could not handle the sheer volume of information I collected… on everything. I’m so with you on this.

  7. I googled a lot during pregnancy, less so after birth. I guess I am lucky in that I’m just not worried about many things. Google was sometimes helpful because I could always find someone who had experienced something similar.

  8. nonsequiturchica

    While I sometimes google, I would rather get information from a trusted source. I used the book “Baby 411” when my daughter was a newborn and loved it. It’s written by a doctor so I knew that I could trust the information.

  9. I am definitely in the former group! Fortunately I have learned to distinguish between the things that are most likely and the most unlikely eg the difference between a cold and pneumonia! But google is helping so much in my baby making journey!! Great blog by the way!

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