#Microblog Mondays: Holiday Traditions


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For most struggling with infertility the holidays are a prickly time of year. I know I had a difficult time with Christmases past, so I am really excited for this year, as I will get to share it with my daughter. I was searching for special traditions and ideas for a baby’s first Christmas when I came across a few different articles which took me back to my infertile roots. 

One article began with the following tag line;

The holidays don’t really feel like the holidays until you’ve welcomed a new baby to the family.

Nice, because you don’t matter during the holidays unless you have a baby.

Another peice had an idea for a yearly family photo with your child to chart time, and added “Hey, maybe next year you’ll have a bump”. Blech, how obnoxious. 

Last year we found out we were pregnant, 5 days before Christmas, and this year we have our baby to celebrate with but I certainly haven’t forgotten the pain the holidays used to bring. I am so thrilled I get to start traditions with my baby girl this year but I’ll still roll my eyes at the overtly family-centric sentiment the holidays bring out. 

11 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays: Holiday Traditions

  1. Wow I can’t believe those articles had the nerve to say stuff like that. The holidays do seem more exciting this year since we get to celebrate with our son. It’s strange that now I have someone to spoil during this time of year.

  2. As of right now I am content spending the holidays with my family and two adorable nieces as I get so much joy watching their excitement. But, I do have to admit I feel that I will enjoy the holidays ten fold when I finally have a little bundle of my own. xo

  3. Jane Allen

    my mother asked if I was planning to use a picture of Kate for our Christmas card, and I replied that I couldn’t as it was so hard for me to open a stack of holiday cards and look at pictures of everyone’s babies. Even though I don’t think any recipient is dealing with infertility, I still can’t do it.

    • I felt the same about birth announcements (we don’t really do Christmas cards). I always dreaded both family Christmas cards and birth announcements so I won’t bother with either.

  4. I lost both my pregnancies just before or on Christmas. The family focus still hurts, over a decade later. Besides, I used to (and mostly still do) love Christmas, and I really object to any suggestion that “Christmas is for kids” etc etc.

    • I have always loved Christmas but had an especially hard time with it while going through infertility. Although I have a child now, I still dislike how much the holidays focus specifically on “families” (as in with children).

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