#Microblog Mondays: Dry Run


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This past Thursday I hadn’t felt much movement from baby girl. When at work it was sometimes hard to pay attention to her movement but it was unusually minimal that day. I waited until we got home so I could lay down and focus more. My doctor always asks about movement and is very adamant that I pay attention to kicks and keep a kick count if necessary. Anything less than 6 kicks in 2 hours warrants a trip to labor and delivery.

After driving home (when I usually get kicked a lot), I had some sugary juice, and a bit of dinner. After near two hours I had only felt around 4 very mild movements. Off to the hospital we went. I was admitted to the assessment wing, gowned and set up in a cubicle (they’re not proper rooms, just curtains separating beds). The nurse came in to check on me, I explained the situation and she hooked me up to two different belly monitors. 

We sat there listening to baby’s heartbeat and counting movement for the next half hour or so. Of course once I was all strapped in baby girl decided to wiggle around more. Still not as much as usual but way more than she had been all day. Murphy’s law, they hook me up and baby makes me look like a paranoid preggo just looking for some extra monitoring. No one made me feel that way though, the doctor said I did the right thing, they kept me on the monitors for a little while longer and then released me. I had an OB appt the next morning and she said it was the right call and if it happens again, to go back. 

She’s been back to her wiggly self lately, which is comforting. But at least we got to do a dry run of the intake process!


12 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays: Dry Run

  1. So glad to hear everything was OK. Kick counts stressed me out too; usually there were way more than the expected amount but on the few occasions there weren’t, it feels very ominous. It’s good you went to the hospital: being on the safe side is good and it’s always better for the anxiety to get professional reassurance. Soon you’ll have a baby kicking on the outside and that’s the best of all!

  2. pcosandpizza.blogspot.com

    Youabsolutely did the right thing! Glad all is well.

    I went to L&D also for decreased movement about eight? weeks ago and same thing hapoened to me: babies started moving a lot once I was hooked up. Silly babies!

  3. You did the right thing by getting it checked out. The twins would do that sometimes. It’s like they both took a long long nap, and I would freak out because they wouldn’t be moving. But then the next day, they’d be back to their normal selves.

  4. Mali

    Very glad all is well. On a medical website I volunteered for, we always said it’s best to get checked out and risk feeling silly if nothing is wrong, than the reverse.

    Can’t believe you’re 38 (?) weeks already! Seems like no time since you first got the news.

  5. Yikes, that sounded so scary…I’m so glad that everything turned out okay. Go figure she moved around for the docs in the hospital. 🙂 I’m glad you got a dry run without incident, and hope for no more scares to come!

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