#Microblog Mondays: Don’t Poke the Bear


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Though I haven’t noticed many huge mood swings throughout my pregnancy (no happy to sad in 30 seconds kind of thing), it has definitely affected my tolerance for annoyances. I find I get irritable extremely easily, and have a hard time controlling my reaction to said annoyances. It’s mainly at work, people just really push my buttons (co-workers more so than clients). I am by far the youngest person in my department so I’ve sort of become the in house tech support by virtue of knowing computer basics. It drives me bat shit crazy, helping others with technology is one of the frustrating experiences ever!

Other things that drive me mental;

  • The lady who insists on watching idiotic videos from Facebook, at full volume, in the lunch room, while others are trying to enjoy a peaceful break.
  • People who don’t attempt to figure something out, or find the answer on their own before asking for help.
  • Driving. Pregnancy hormones = road rage
  • People wasting my time/taking way too long to do something that I could get done in half the time
  • Line ups
  • The guy sitting in the waiting area of my OB’s office typing on his phone with the keyboard clicks on full volume (you know the “tick-tick” noise an iPhone makes when you are typing). Turn that shit off mofo!

Just to name a few. I used to consider myself a person with patience, and willing to help (besides with the tech-y stuff, that has always driven me crazy but it’s at a whole other level now), so I know it’s just the pregnancy hormones. It makes me feel a bit bad, but most the time I am too annoyed to care. Luckily my hubby hasn’t receive much of my wrath, and he’s done a pretty good job of taking care of me and not ticking me off!

I’m hoping my patience returns in abundance once this child is on the outside, because I’m going to need it!


11 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays: Don’t Poke the Bear

  1. Pcosandpizza.blogspot.com

    Omg yes!!! Work people have really been annoying me more than ever. I also have been unable to tolerate their bullshittery as much as before. Thank goodness I work from home a few days a week to get away from them!

    Also for some reason my cube neighbor today has a sound on every time he receives a text. “Turn it off, mofo!!”
    Ugh. Two more weeks for me til I have a reprieve.

  2. I was the same. I’m 8 months post-partum and it has only slightly become better…so give yourself a year or more to feel like your old self again. I still have no idea when it’ll fully go and I’m sure it’s different for each woman but, it sure isn’t going anywhere too quickly after birth. In fact, for me, it got a bit worse before becoming better because your body is trying to regulate your hormone levels again once the baby is out….during that period, I felt like I was cuckoo 😀

  3. Ha — this sounds like me… always. Without the excuse of pregnancy hormones. My biggest pet peeve is also those people who watch videos on their phone without headphones.

  4. What Mel said! The pregnancy hormones aside, most of these things would annoy me. I can never understand why people don’t turn off the clicking on their phone/ipad keyboards! It was a bit like being on safari, and hearing the clicking of all these digital cameras, when we were at a very sensitive viewing (ie a mother and baby lion only a couple of metres away) and needed no extra noise. Why they didn’t turn the sound off I’ll never know.

    Personally, I’d say something to the person watching the Facebook video at lunchtime. They might be completely oblivious, and mortified to find out they’re annoying other people.

    • Yeah, even in a “normal” state they are very annoying things. I kept shooting daggers at the guy clicking on his phone. I don’t know why our electronic gadgets need to make so much freakin’ noise!

      The woman who watches the videos must know she’s being disruptive to a point because when she firsts starts playing something it is usually at full volume, and she turns it down. But not enough that everyone around her can’t still hear it.

  5. Arrrgggh! I don’t think you need to be pregnant to be annoyed by all these things — every one I could imagine in my head (or hear in my head, ugh) and they made me feel rage for you. 🙂 I hate the click click clicking, and people who watch videos in public at full volume are just inconsiderate. To add to your list of people who ask for help without trying on their own first… people who ask for help and then question your help or ask 8 billion people and so when you do try to help them and give them an answer, they immediately say, “That’s not what ______said.” THEN DON’T ASK ME! 🙂 This applies to adults only… I am hoping that I am teaching my 8th graders how not to have learned helplessness throughout the school year, improving the ire of many in the future. HA. The patience will come, for the ones you love, but for these people? It may take a whole lot of zen meditation to not be annoyed by all that.

    • Ha ha, true enough, I might need to work on my zen state. I used to be better at tuning stuff out. And I so agree on teaching people not to be helpless. How does one make it through life like that? If someone asks me how to do something, show them, not do it for them.

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