#Microblog Mondays: Anti-Establishment


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As the entire universe knows, yesterday was Mother’s Day. It was the first one I didn’t feel that impending dread, reminding me of what I don’t have. While technically, I still don’t have a baby in my arms, at 24 weeks with a baby in my womb I felt as though it was partly my day too.

Yet, I still felt a slight indifference towards this day that celebrates mothers (usually in the most traditional sense) and seemingly excludes all other women. Though it wasn’t the painful day for me that it has been in past years, I still held onto that disdain for it. Perhaps I am just bristling against the conformity, or holding on to the disdain for my fellow infertile sisters, but it wasn’t a day that I basked in, as a mother-to-be. I didn’t update my Facebook picture to one of my mom and I, nor did I post a sappy message to my mom (we don’t have that kind of relationship anyways). I sort of just ignored it, besides the obligatory cards to my mom, my “special” aunt and my grandma.

I wanted to say something poignant and inclusive on Facebook but I couldn’t find the right words without coming off as harsh and bitter, especially since most of my Facebook friends don’t know that I’m pregnant, so I just left it alone. A friend of mine came up with the perfect words, so I’ll use them here to send love, and hope you all made the best of the day.

Happy Mothers Day to all the strong, generous, beautiful ladies out there. Those who have children, those soon-to-be mamas, those who are trying, those who have lost, the mother figures, the friends who help a new mom who is still figuring it out, the women who open their hearts and love others children as if they were there own – this day is for you.

6 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays: Anti-Establishment

  1. Heh, I don’t really feel it either, even with a baby. Not sure why either, but maybe for the reasons you mentioned! I also dislike all the advertising in the weeks leading up which basically has the message “if you don’t buy X for your mother SHE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU.” I appreciated hanging out with my mom and my step mother in law yesterday, but really I’d rather just spend time with them without the baggage!

    • Yeah, it’s sort of like Valentine’s day, I rebel against that too, forced day of loving your significant other. I think I don’t like being told what to do ha ha. Perhaps once I have a child who is old enough to draw me a picture, or help daddy bring me breakfast in bed, my icy heart may melt a little ha ha.

  2. Beautiful words from your friend. I like her sentiments to celebrate all women who care and support others. Thank you for sharing them. Glad that the day seemed sort of neutral for you, as opposed to it being not so good. I could see that being tricky with being pregnant and not having given birth yet. Hope things continue to go well for you and baby.

  3. I stayed off of Facebook that day because I not only had nothing to say but there was nothing I wanted to read. There’s only so many updates about Mother’s Day I can read in a row.

  4. Valerie Nix

    Thanks for this post. I have tried to ignore Mother’s Day every year for the fact is if you are not a mom and your mother is no longer here with you it makes you feel awful about not being a mom and jealous your mom is not here with you.

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