#Microblog Mondays: I Put a Spell on You


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I am a very cynical, and analytical person, yet every time I am facing a new cycle of treatment, or need something to go my way I find my superstitious side comes out. I’m not religious, I don’t pray to a deity but somehow I feel less anxious when I’m wearing purple, if it’s an odd day of the week, or I have a special piece of jewellery on.

I know it’s silly and isn’t going to effect the outcome either way but it makes me feel better. I have a charm bracelet that I try to wear to monitoring appointments, and a Hamsa necklace that I save for the really big days, such as when we had our retrieval (and will be wearing for transfer when we finally get there). My favorite color is purple, and my favorite number is 3 and I like to factor those things in whenever possible. I don’t like socks, so I don’t have a lucky pair that I wear but I try to have purple toenail polish on when I am in the midst of a treatment cycle.

I also try not to do or say things that I think may jinx myself. I daren’t utter the words “if I’m pregnant…”, or think that if we are pregnant by X date, I can or can’t do such and such. No planning ahead, no buying baby items or taking things from anyone else getting rid of their baby stuff. Don’t talk about it, don’t think about it. Just don’t breathe until it’s over!

Do you have superstitions, and lucky charms or am I just crazy?


16 thoughts on “#Microblog Mondays: I Put a Spell on You

  1. Jen

    Sadly, most things are out of our control. So it makes perfect sense to get a sense of peace from controlling the things we can. Good luck, and I bet you look great in purple!

  2. My friend gave me a fertility goddess statue she claimed worked for 2 other friends. I rubbed its belly every day. I can’t say for sure if it worked but I got pregnant and it made me feel better every time I held it and rubbed its belly.

  3. I had a necklace I bought from seller on etsy who also went through infertility. Its a heart with a hebrew chai, the symbol for life, hanging from it. It symbolized my desire to have life in the space under my heart. I wore it for the first time ALL the way through the treatment cycle that got us pregnant. Even when I went to Zumba and it would fall off from all the bouncing, I would just put it back on. Then when I got pregnant, I was terrified of taking it off for fear I would lose this baby. I finally stopped wearing it religiously a few weeks ago, but the point of the story is, yes, I totally get where you’re coming from.

  4. Mostly I get to thinking I’m psychic all of a sudden and I think everything is a sign. At some point I actually start to annoy myself lol.

  5. I avoid superstition. At one point certain intellectual memes dominated my head and exacerbated my anxiety. If I didn’t do x, y, z, then my husband would get into a car accident. I still do it to some extent. I can’t really say what I thought would happen to my husband, for example, but for the most part I’m not doing the unhealthy things I used to.

    That said, infertility treatments suck. They are very stressful. Do whatever makes YOU feel better!

    • I don’t find that it is making me go out of my way to do or not do certain things, but it definitely does give me little spikes of anxiety if I don’t have some lucky thing, or I say something, or a certain date comes up. Yeah, actually I guess that is a bit unhealthy…

  6. I am this way too. I wore my favorite pendant for our transfers. But I prefer to buy baby stuff during our 2ww to let baby know he/she is wanted. It helps me stay optimistic.

  7. I am SO superstitious, especially around big things like that. Because I get in my head “what if” and doing those small things seems like such a simple way to beat the what ifs aside. I have a necklace I have to wear every day. Special clothes. Favourite socks, etc. I mean, I will plan out my week so I don’t wear my favourite socks too soon. 🙂

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