Tempting Fate with Wisdom


Yesterday I had an appointment with an oral maxillofacial surgeon regarding the removal of my wisdom teeth. My dentist referred me sometime last year but I kept putting it off, partly because I didn’t want to do it, and partly because I kept thinking… “well, what if I get pregnant”. You know how that goes.

I decided I may as well go to the consultation appointment, and book the surgery as I could always cancel or move it if needed. Maybe it would be a kick in the pants for Murphy to finally implement his law on me. Because that’s worked out in the past (read: sarcasm) I’ve booked vacations, work trips, family functions all with the thought “what if” in the back of my mind, all to no avail. I figure nothing lost if I just live my life as if I’m not stuck in an unending hamster wheel of infertility.

As I checked in with the reception staff, I was given a clipboard and some paperwork to fill out (only 3 pages? Amateurs). It mostly had to do with my physical health, so of course it asked what medications I was on, if I was actively being treated by a physician, and if I was or could possibly be pregnant. Sometimes when I encounter situations like this, I edit my information on a need to know basis (for example, my regular dentist does not need to know my sordid list of medications just to clean my teeth). This time, I went whole hog and laid it all out there.

I was taken back into a consult room where the doctor came in to discuss the procedure with me. As he browsed my chart, he noted “Lupron…diabetes?..No…” I stopped him and explained I was undergoing infertility treatments, so obviously if it were to be sucessful I would not be going ahead with the surgery. He nodded, understandingly, and didn’t miss a beat. He kept going, explaining the process, advising that they would work around whatever my schedule would be. He delicately asked if I knew my timeline, and I told him I would know by the end of this month what was going to be happening (for this cycle at least).

I then went to speak to billing, as they will preapprove the surgery through my insurance. She asked if I wanted to book an appointment right then and there or wait to see what my insurance would cover. I hummed and hawed for a minute, not caring too much about the insurance, but rather my next FET schedule timing should this one not work. In the end I couldn’t figure quickly enough and it does sort of depend on when we transfer, if it fails, when my next period would start, ect. Not to mention the fact that my boss probably won’t be thrilled to hear upon my return from Hawaii in mid January I’ll need to take more time off for this. I took an appointment on Jan. 29 and I’ll deal with the fallout later if needed.

I didn’t want to tell my boss yet about the surgery because if I do end up getting pregnant I’ll be cancelling and then it will be a moot point. Speaking of my boss, I got a note from my RE’s office for being away unexpectedly all day last Friday, when I had my cysts aspirated. It was extremely vague, it just said my name, that I had an appointment with the clinic (didn’t say what clinic just “clinic”), the date, that it was from Alberta Health Services at Royal Alexandra hospital and along the side it listed the doctors names. If she really wanted she could google them and easily figure out what it is that I am being treated for. I didn’t need to get her a doctors note but I didn’t want to seem like a flake since we were in the midst of a snow storm, and I am not one to call off work on a whim.

Part of me hopes she googled it so that she has a better idea of what I’m doing. The passive aggressive side of me thinks it would be easiest that way, not having to have an actual conversation with her. If she figured it out so be it. I’m still not going to bring it up with her if I don’t have to (and so far I see no reason to). It seems as though fate is starting to force my hand in making decisions, and starting to crack the door open on my infertility. If that’s the case, let’s just kick the door open and get me pregnant shall we?


7 thoughts on “Tempting Fate with Wisdom

  1. Oh I remember the day I removed all four of my wisdom teeth. How could I forget that lovely day? Hoping this next cycle is successful and u can cancel ur appt until u ha e ur sweet baby in it arms.

  2. Jane Allen

    I’ve done the same thing too, only shared on a need to know basis. I didn’t tell my eye doctor that I’m pregnant, but after 17 years of wearning glasses/contacts, my vision actually improved a bit and he was able to decrease the power on my lenses. Now I’m tempted to look up to see if pregnancy can improve your vision.
    You raised an interesting issue with the doctor’s note, and I wonder if some offices have generic stationary that dosent specify that it’s an infertility practice (in the same way that many porn companies use a fake name on the return address, so no one knows you’ve ordered porn…)

    • Hm, your eyesight improved? I’ve only heard of it worsening through pregnancy… Yeah my clinic’s notes are about as vague as they can be while still appearing as a legitimate medical practice and not something I just printed on a laserjet ha ha.

  3. My wisdom teeth experience was horrible. Are yours out or still in the bone? On the other hand, my husband’s experience was easy with barely any recovery. I just got an annual physical and a Pap this week because I had been putting it off for a year. Really made me realize a pap is nothing compared to everything else we go through.

    • I’m concerned because I have a small mouth that leads to difficulty with dental procedures but the surgeon assured me it will be fine. My teeth are impacted, and haven’t “come up” so I’m sure it is not going to be pretty since they have to dig them out.
      Apparently me RE did my pap when I had my SHG back in May before we started IVF and I didn’t know he did so I get this ominous letter from Alberta Health Services in the mail with my test results and I’m like WTF?! All was clear, but I’ve never had them send that to me before. I suppose since I had it done in a hospital as opposed to my regular Drs office. I haven’t actually had a physical for a year and a half now. I figure I see the Dr enough, ha ha.

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