A Date with Destiny


I started bleeding again on Wednesday, for the third time since Oct. 25. I have still been taking Lupron despite the fact that at my last monitoring appointment I had a 5cm (2″) cyst, my lining was approx. 5.5mm and my estrogen was in the thousands. By rights I probably should have been cancelled but my Dr. decided to keep me on Lupron for another 10 days to see if it would help shrink the cyst, and lower my estrogen. I had my doubts and hated that I was told to continue waiting. I’ve felt as though I have been waiting for the inevitable; a cancelled cycle.

I was booked to do bloodwork on Saturday and have another monitoring appt on Sunday but when I started bleeding on Wednesday afternoon I called the clinic and they told me to do my bloodwork and come in today. Technically right now is around the time of my expected period (slightly late but that’s been the norm as of late) so more than likely the bleeding I had a couple weeks ago was just some breakthrough bleeding, and residual from my cancelled Suprefact cycle.

Leading up to last weeks monitoring appt I was having discomfort and pressure localized to my right ovary (where the cyst lives) and I was still having that pain into the beginning of this week. I figured if I could still feel it, it hadn’t gone anywhere and hence would still be pumping estrogen into my body. As of Wednesday the pressure had subsided and I was no longer having any pain.

Since I am having a seemingly normal period, and I can no longer feel my cyst I got really nervous for my monitoring appt. Nervous because I was starting to have a sliver of hope. I felt like I was getting ready for a really big date; I tidied up my lady business and shaved my legs last night. Laid out my clothes for this morning (for the necessity of getting ready faster, I had to be out of the house by 6:15 this morning). My stomach was in knots all this morning (though that’s nothing new for clinic visit days).

I got to the clinic excessively early, despite the slow drive due to the 3ft of snow that has fallen in the last 24 hours. Checked in, and second in line for my ultrasound, my morning was filled with a lot of hurry up and wait (a familiar theme in my life). To my surprise Dr. M walked in to do my ultrasound, even though the whiteboard in the waiting area said Dr. C was doing ultrasounds today. I was pleased to see him as that meant I might be able to get some answers as to what we were going to do now.

He asked if I was in for an FET baseline ultrasound (seriously, why do doctors not read charts before walking into a patients’ room?). I gave him a brief rundown of my situation and mentioned we were checking my cyst, lining and estrogen levels. I mentioned that I hadn’t been having any discomfort from my cyst and perhaps it had shrunk. As he moved to the right, nope, there it was. Big as ever. And another small one had developed on the left. I felt annoyed and disappointed but Dr. M said we can fix it, and that he would have to drain them. He went to check my bloodwork and speak with a nurse about next steps. As I was getting him changed I could hear him telling the nurse my estrogen is still too high (mother lovin’ cyst!).

As I came out of the change room the nurse beckoned me to come with her. She put me in a consult room and told me she just has to see if Dr. M is ready to do the draining. I looked at her, wide eyed “He wants to do it now?!” She told me yes and asked if I was busy today… I told her I was meant to be at work but could adjust. She asked what time I worked at and I told her 9:30 (It was 8am at the time). She gave me a bit of an eyebrow raise to which I asked if I’m going to make it in to work at all? She made a face and said she’d find out when Dr. M wanted to have me in. When she returned she told me I was booked in for 12:30 and that it wouldn’t take too long. As I left I called work to tell them I’m wasn’t coming in at all. No point in going to work when I’d just have to leave again shortly after arriving. Especially with the terrible weather and road conditions. They probably thought I was taking a snow day, but oh well.

I returned for the cyst aspiration and the prep was the same as if I was doing an egg retrieval or a transfer. Gowned up, I returned to the same room where my eggs were retrieved. The procedure was not comfortable. It is essentially the same as an egg retrieval without the good drugs. They only had to poke in twice as opposed to many times as they do when aspirating follicles, but still. They did use a freezing agent on my cervix and to be fair it was very successful. But once the needle penetrated and was going into the cyst, that was another story. Dr. M had a hard time getting the needle through the wall of the cyst and it was up there with HSG pain. But it had to be done.

When the nurse was prepping me to go back she mentioned starting my estrace in the next couple of days. Say what?! I was prepared to have to wait until my estrogen levels came down but apparently once the cysts were emptied and no longer producing estrogen the level didn’t really matter anymore as they will now be artificially manipulating it.

So I have a schedule, and it looks like this one is actually going to happen. Estrace starts tomorrow, continuing on with Lupron as well as five days of antibiotics for hubby and I as a prophylaxis. I have an ultrasound to check my lining on Dec. 8. As of today my lining is 5mm which still seemed a bit thick to me but my period hasn’t finished yet so it could potentially get thinner and Dr. M wasn’t concerned. I’m not so sure my lining will be at 8mm by Dec. 8 but they just want to keep a close eye on me since I have had so many issues. But if it is at the proper thickness, transfer could potentially be Dec. 13 or 14 at the latest it could be a few days before Christmas.

I am hoping for the former so I can at least get a beta (or more, if needed) in before we leave for Hawaii on New Years Day. I called J afterwards to give him the rundown and he says its going to work. After all of the setbacks he thinks this will happen, and it will work for us. I’d like to share his optimist… But I’m a pessimist at heart, and don’t want to get ahead of myself.

But I have googled our potential due date. And I’m hoping we can finish the year off with a bang.

14 thoughts on “A Date with Destiny

  1. I will jump on the positivity train as well! This has to work after all uve been through. I had to be drained when I developed OHSS and holy moly it was painful. Praying that everything moves fwd smoothly.

  2. Wow what a ride you have been on these past few months! I’m so glad you are getting your transfer in though. Sending lots of baby dust your way. We need a Christmas miracle and it’s your turn.

  3. I’m sorry you had to go through a draining to get rid of the cysts…although maybe better then them bursting on their own? Here’s hoping everything proceeds smoothly and you get to do the earlier transfer date!

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