One Bitten, Twice Shy


“Hello, Lupron”…[said in the tone of Jerry Seinfeld to “Newman”].

Today is the first day of our second attempt at an FET. I begin my Lupron shots this morning, and will await the start of my next cycle when I will be adding estrogen, and the progesterone to the mix. I’ve been somewhat worried that this day was going to be delayed again, as I was having some concerning spotting last week around CD11 – 13, and then some unusual pelvic/uterine/ovarian pain Friday and Saturday. I told myself I would call the clinic this past Monday if any of the prior symptoms continued, but fortunately everything calmed down. My best guess is that I was ovulating from the same side as my cyst and perhaps the rupturing of a follicle in the vicinity aggravated the cyst. That is a totally uneducated guess, but allows me to somewhat rationalize…

I am trying not to get too far ahead of myself in case there is some roadblock that I have not yet anticipated. My goals right now are to take my Lupron at approximately the same time every morning (7am). It’s not specifically in my instructions, but probably best for the sake of continuity, and routine. I also want to get to bed between 10:00 pm – 10:30 pm (which I failed at last night, not turning in until well after midnight). Limit my intake of caffeine (I’m going to be realistic here and not cut it out entirely), as well as attempt to get to the gym more (meaning more than never). I pretty much stopped going to yoga entirely after my retrieval…which yes, was back in July (the end of July to be fair). Take it one day at a time, try not to make myself do things I don’t want to (beyond reasonable tasks). I am trying to limit my stress, and by not doing obligatory or unenjoyable tasks I hope I can be more peaceful (or at least less stressed).

Life is still pretty hectic after the move, though we’re pretty well settled in our new place, but we’ve not had a lot of downtime since. Our new tenants are moving in this weekend, as well our new appliances are being delivered. We have quite a few social engagements coming up, Christmas shopping, holiday activities, parties, ect. It’s a bit of a tricky time to try and reduce stress. Although the holidays are an enjoyable time, they are busy. In a sort of divine intervention I found out I am over my allowable limit for vacation time to be carried over into the next year, therefore I have 6 days off in the middle of December. If we make it through the whole process, my time off will coincide with the transfer. I don’t plan on becoming couch bound after the transfer but at least the time will allow me to get organized for Christmas (since we will be spending it in the mountains with J’s parents), and then our holiday to Hawaii on New Year’s day (so looking forward to that).

I am going at this with cautious optimism, as nothing with infertility is a sure thing, not even the chance to make it to transfer. So here’s hoping for FET 2.0 to be uneventful, besides getting that embryo home, and keeping it there for 9 months.

6 thoughts on “One Bitten, Twice Shy

  1. Ok, love the Seinfeld reference. I say that all the time with things I don’t like. “Hello …” I’m glad you get some time off around your cycle and Christmas. I do hope you make it to transfer 2.0!

  2. I’m in a similar boat and, yes, this is a tricky time of year to reduce stress! I pushed my FET way out to the day before Thanksgiving so I could line it up with a few vacation days. Good luck to you!

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