Ask and You Shall Receive


This past week I’ve been trucking along with my suprefact, and waiting for my next CD1. Based on my previous “average cycles” (though I haven’t had a normal cycle since July, before my retrieval) I am a 28 day girl. So that would have put my expected period on Friday, or maybe Saturday of last week. Which brings me to yesterday, and still nothing. I was having some intermittent cramping since last week which led me to belief the wicked witch of the south was on her way any day. No such luck. So now I’m thinking I’ll be one of the people who ends up not having a period after 14 days of suprefact, and I’ll have to call my clinic, and they’ll put me on provera to induce a period and it’ll be a big drama.

I was complaining to J last night about how I just want to get this show on the road. I was rather annoyed yesterday, so I decided to rebel against the healthy, no caffeine and no fast food lifestyle I’ve imposed on myself by having McDonalds for lunch (with a Coke) and then I had a chai tea latte last night. I know, I know, rebel.

Besides the fact that I was stressed about the lack of period, our new home situation is creating added anxiety. It’s exciting and awesome that it’s actually coming to fruition, but it is a shit ton of money, and now we have two mortgages to pay. We sign the official paperwork Friday morning, and I have a very large bank draft for the lawyer. We had a renter lined up for our current place, but she bailed on us yesterday, so we have posted an ad on a few different sites and are crossing our fingers and toes to find someone soon. It is an extremely stressful position to be in and I am worried. The rental market should work to our advantage as vacancy is very slim, and we live in a desirable neighbourhood but I’m freaking out a little bit.

My period started today and brought some hellish cramps with it to make up for its absence. I called the clinic to advise them of CD1 and of course missed them when they called back, so I have to try and catch someone tomorrow to go over my next steps in protocol. From what they told me last time I spoke to them (and based on the schedule they sent me) I’ll have an ultrasound sometime next week (most likely CD7) to check for cysts, then start estrace on CD8. I’ll continue on with suprefact, and once I add the estrace I will go back in 12 – 14 days afterwards to have a lining check. If I am around 8mm in thickness they will count it as day 0. From there I start progesterone, and 5 days later my uterus will be in line with my embryos, and then it’s transfer time. So we are more than likely looking at a transfer date of Nov. 3. If I can only have one thing, please let it be this baby.

Tonight I had a work event to attend, that was held at a liquor store with a tasting room. So it was about 20 minutes of presentations and then 2 hours of wine tasting paired with chocolate and cheese. Perfect timing for a girl on her period. I’ve not been drinking lately (I had one drink at my friend’s bachelorette party this weekend) but I figured I would indulge in a little wine tasting, and some soft cheeses in hopes that these items will soon be off the menu for me. Triple cream brie and champagne for dinner? Yes, please.

It’s like we’ve gone from a standstill to full tilt nearly overnight. Though now it seems we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. I wanted to live life outside of infertility, and I wanted my period to start so we could just get things moving. Well, I am getting a handful in life now. All I’m askin’ for is a little bit of balance.