The No Baby Boom


I read this article a couple of weeks ago when it was in Mel’s Friday Blog Roundup (which I look forward to every Friday). I really liked how it discussed all aspects of childlessness, and how people got to that point whether it be by choice, or not (infertility, not the right partner, the right partner too late in life, ect). Obviously it touched a nerve with me because I do feel less valuable in a family-centric society. I haven’t added to the population and do not care for small humans, therefore I am lesser? Umm, don’t think so! It’s an interesting read, and I’m glad there are people out there advocating for the NoMo’s (not mothers)!


12 thoughts on “The No Baby Boom

  1. That was a great read! I swear sometimes you and I are on the same mental wave length or something. You can predict my next blog! Cracks me up sometimes. There is value in all women, children or not! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Shelah

    Thanks for sharing that article! I thought I was infertile for the past 20 years. Now at age 37 realizing I never was, but have so embraced my life—motherless–that I can’t imagine it any different at this point. It’s such an interesting topic right now. Here’s another article on the topic, “A woman without children is a useless wife!”

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