Musings from the Gym Part II


Ok, this time I am actually talking about the gym. I really dislike working out, or most exercise of any kind. I don’t like sweating, and that rules out a lot of activites. I did get into yoga (not hot yoga, ew) last summer, and have been going religiously ever since. I’ve even got J coming with me now too, and he really likes it as well. It was last year that J decided to sign up for our local commnunity gym (we have quite a nice one 2 minutes from our place), and that’s what got me into starting yoga as the gym offers many different classes, all included with the monthly membership.

J started going to the gym pretty regularly, for a while there and I would go with him every once and a while but I was pretty much only taking advantage of the yoga class most months (though if I go to yoga every week it pretty much equals the value of my monthly membership). We both slacked off the gym more over the winter (in that J started going less often and I stopped going all together, except yoga).

We have both been trying to be healthier since we got our IF diagnoses (and seeing that it is MFI, J really needs to do everything he can). I try and go with him because it is pretty hard for him to get up off the couch if I am still lounging around, comfy and cozy at home with the dogs. Thing is, I don’t need to lose weight (gasp, I know, what woman says that!?), I am on the very lowest end of a normal BMI for my height and have always been very petite. In fact when I was younger (like Elementary, Junior High school) I got teased abut how thin I was. I’ve always just had a fast metabolism.

Ok, insert skinny bitch comments here, I know, I get that a lot. But I can’t say I am one of those people who says nothing tastes better than skinny feels. I love junk food. I have this fear for the day my metabolism catches up to me and I turn into a 500-lb whale. Despite the fact that I am very tiny, I am really out of shape. Like I can’t run to save my life. Literally, if someone was chasing me and trying to kill me, I’m probably going to die. So I figured I could start working out to build up endurance, and just be “fit”. Also, exercise creates endorphins, and endorphins can help reduce stress, trigger positive feelings, aid sleep and many other beneficial side effects. So there is really no downside (except for the fact I have to get off my ass).

I have been trying really hard lately though, I think it is easier now that it is Spring, even though you wouldn’t know it by the weather here. It is light out longer though, and the weather is slightly more tolerable in that it doesn’t keep me totally housebound. I’ve gone to the gym 3 days in a row now. I think J is pretty surprised when he asks me if I want to come to the gym and I say yes. Usually it is a rhetorical question, but he asks in hopes that I might say yes. I want to support him so that he will go, and I know I really should try and get into a routine of it as well.

I went bikini shopping yesterday for our upcoming tropical holiday and I was not over joyed by what I see in the mirror. Not fat, but not great either. I have no toning or definition, my stomach is not flat, I have no boobs, and I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) so my entire torso is off centre and it creates an odd look as my hips don’t line up properly. I’m sure it’s not obvious to most people at a passing glance but it is glaringly obvious to me. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do about my scoliosis, it is not serious enough to warrant any treatment (which would be surgery). I started yoga in hopes of strengthening my core as that can sometimes help with scoliosis, though will generally never completely fix it. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I like yoga, and I am getting pretty good at it, and now that J comes with me it is something for us to do together.

The only shitty thing about yoga right now is the pregnant chick in my class. I didn’t realise she was pregnant until this past weeks class. Her stomach seemed really bloated, but when her shirt rode up it mostly just looked flabby so I kind of put it out of my mind. But then our instructor started giving her modifications so she wasn’t doing anything unsafe. So yeah, she’s definitely pregnant. I really wish she would beat it and just go to a prenatal class but to be fair, if/when I get pregnant, I would like to continue my regular class for as long as possible. She also really sucks at yoga. I’m just being a bitch because I’m jealous though. I will be trying to place my mat further from her next class though, so I don’t have to get a week by week play by play of her blossoming (doughy) belly. Again, I know I’m a jealous bitch.

We are also trying to eat healthier our quest for better living. We’ve always cooked a majority of our meals at home, but we snack on really bad things. J needs to watch his portions, as he eats so fast he doesn’t realize he’s full until he’s already had too much. We buy groceries every two weeks, and make a two week meal plan (dinners only) so that the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” is not uttered in our house. I tried to buy lots of fruit, veggies and healthy snacks this week.

All in all we are making a concerted effort, even though we are not actively TTC-ing at this point. Doesn’t hurt just for general life. Our biggest problem is staying the course; How do you keep up with your good habits, and battle temptation? I have no willpower, nor do I have any motivation so it’s really hard for me to keep it going. I get all inspired, and gung-ho about something and then it just falls by the way-side. Help! What are your tricks?



14 thoughts on “Musings from the Gym Part II

  1. Skinny bitch who meal plans? You are all I’ve ever wanted to be 🙂 I have a slow metabolism and am not good with routine. I’m also not a big fan of exercise but I do love of yoga! My biggest trick would be not buying the junk (I literally just ate a handful of mini eggs – whoops! tis the season) and taking advantage of the summer months. Exercise seems easier when it’s outside . I have a secret workout spot in a park down the block.

    • Ha ha well thanks! And don’t feel bad, I’m chowing on chips because J is out of the house. Partly I don’t want to be a bad influence on him and partly I don’t want to share lol. If you ever need recipes, hit me up!

  2. I think I wrote this post. Or the beginning part, anyway. I’m not a skinny bitch. 😀 But I also hate exercise and hate sweating, and love yoga. You’re lucky your man is into it; mine went to one and then got too busy at work to want to take the time to continue. Maybe he’ll change his mind someday.

    And though it’s easier for me to share tips than to actually follow them myself, here are mine! Make a schedule for home yoga practice and stick with it. Don’t keep junk in the house. Make a meal plan. Have J divide his food in half, maybe, and wait for 15 minutes to have the rest if he’s hungry? (Or will that make him feel like he’s 6?) Allow yourself some indulgences (dark chocolate if you like it, full-fat dairy, that kind of thing – it’s good for you!) And if you have a CSA in your neck of the woods, consider getting one. We’ve shared boxes with other people before but this year we’re going to try to have a whole box to ourselves, which means we’re going to have to have veggies for dinners and lunches or we’ll waste it.

    • Wow, thanks, those are all awesome tips (the meal plan thing has been huge for us)! To be honest, I didn’t know what a CSA was until I googled it and lo-and-behold there are lots in my area.
      I think J just needs to eat one reasonably sized helping of dinner and if he’s still hungry later to have a healthy snack. I was hungry after dinner last night so I had a handful of almonds and a glass of chocolate milk. I felt so proud of myself lol. And then I ate some chips later…Work in progress!
      Keeping junk out of the house is a biggie, I don’t buy it in the groceries but we have lots of convenience stores, grocery stores, ect extremely close by so sometimes we will run to the store just for junk food. Gotta stop that.
      Stopped by your blog page too, btw, can I ask what MFI issues you guys have? That’s our problem as well.

      • Whoops, didn’t subscribe to followup comments and totally missed this, I’m sorry!

        You should totally look into the CSA! It’s nice because sometimes in the summer I want to go out to eat but I feel guilty about wasting all the veggies we have. 🙂

        Our main issue is motility. It’s like 1% or something. The count is on the low side as well but I think it’s the motility that’s brought us to where we are. What about you?

      • No worries! I have a hard time keeping up with people who aren’t on wordpress ha ha. Morphology is our biggest, first SA it was 0%, second one it was 4%. Low end of normal counts and only about 50% motility which isn’t awful but isn’t great.
        Yeah that’s my biggest worry is wasting food. The CSAs in our area don’t start until July anyways so I have some time to decide. I’ve been doing well with healthy eating this week though!

  3. So first, I completely understand where you are coming from. I hate to workout, I hate to sweat, and nothing about it excites me. Back in August of 2013 though a coworker who I’ve become close with asked me to be her workout buddy. My gut response was hells no. But there was a Groupon for an 8 week deal at and I figured I could handle that much. If you can believe it, she and I are still working out consistently. Not because we love to workout, but because we force each other to go each morning at 5AM, which means we are out of bed by 4:30AM. Yeah, it’s early, but they have other times during the day too. We were going five days a week, but now its three to four, but still great, as we burn about 600 calories in the 50 minute workout. And every day is different! So we drag our asses’ outta bed, moaning and complaining most days, but we do it. And you know what? I still hate it, but I’m so happy with the results in my body. I wasn’t overweight before, I was thin, but I had no muscle tone. And now I have a ton, I’m so shocked at the strength and definition I’ve gained. That part is awesome! Maybe you just need a buddy to force you to get in the habit…

    • That’s awesome that you have a buddy. I mean J technically is my workout buddy, but it’s too easy for us to say, “do you feel like going? No, me neither”. We really need to get into some sort of habit but our schedules vary a bit so it makes it tricky. I’ll make it work somehow! Good for you though, I am not a morning workout person. We usually go around 8pm, I’m a night owl.

      • I’d actually prefer to go at night, but since she has children, the only time she is available is in the morning before work. God willing I have children, I might need to continue going in the mornings!

  4. When I first signed up for the gym I found it hard to get motivated. Now it has become so routine that I don’t really think about it. I treat it like brushing my teeth or showering: it is a given that I have to do it each day. I think that helps because you don’t give yourself the opportunity to ask each other “should we go today?” it is just a matter of “when do we go today?”.

    I think what really keeps me going is knowing that 85% of the time I feel better after going for a run or lifting weights. It is also motivating when you feel your fitness level improving – it makes you want to go back for more!

    It is great that you have each other. I find that to be a good motivator for my husband and I. There have been days where I don’t want to go but my husband is lacing up his running shoes so it kinda forces me to go along (and vice versa). Not saying we don’t enable each other some days but generally speaking it helps.

    One other thing that motivates me is guilt – I hate the feeling of knowing I should have gone but was too lazy to get off my but. In the IF struggle there are definitely days where you have to just curl up and shut out the world, but for the most part I try to embrace the guilt feelings as motivation.

    Best of luck on your fitness journey!

      • To be clear, I don’t go everyday. Some weeks I do, but that is not the norm. I have also gone weeks without going when IF is kicking me in the butt! Hopefully you find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy 🙂

      • Oh ok, fair enough I was going to say you’re a superhero. Case and point IF and AF kicked my butt last night. J went to the gym and I did not 😦 Yoga is it so far and my Thursday evenings are about to free up so I’ll be able to go twice a week. It’s getting there!

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