Another Hat in the Ring


J has been applying for transfer jobs with his company left, right and centre lately, and yesterday he got call back for another one. We are still waiting on the most recent one that showed promise (that J interviewed for last week). So this morning he had an interview for another location, with the third party recruiter for this other region. This is usually the point where things derail, because they question him about his citizenship, and when they find out he’s Canadian is usually when they give him the “Oh, I’m sorry, but thank you for your application”.

This time, when it came up (and it didn’t even come up right away, like it normally does) the recruiter advised that it was no problem as this location has sponsored Canadians before. At that point, she continued right into the behavioural interview, which is usually saved for second interview, as he thought this was just going to be very preliminary. After this he gets passed directly to the location he has applied for. This is point we are at with the first location he interview for, still waiting for them to call and set up the direct interview (if they are even still interested at this point).

The awesome part is, the recruiter from today has already set that interview up with this second location! And, I think I am almost more excited for this one from today, than the first one. Again, trying not to get ahead of myself, but this one is moving a lot faster which I am hoping is a good thing. His interview direct with the second location is this Friday! Stoked.

So in any case, hoping something comes of this. Still haven’t talked to my mom. Might have to ASAP if we get an offer letter soon. I know I am being sort of vague, but again just trying to protect identity somewhat, and I don’t really want to say who my hubby works for (the shit I put online about myself/us should never come back to bite him in the ass).

Will update after Friday 🙂

Ps. Where is everyone today? My WordPress account has been so quiet today. Miss all my lovely ladies!


8 thoughts on “Another Hat in the Ring

  1. This is so, CRAZY EXCITING! Tell your man Congrats! Hells yes this is what you both needed right now and I am so damn happy for y’all. Anyways, I am way sorry about your mom but it’s like whatever with all of this crap we deal with, right? I will for sure be stalking you come Friday 😉

      • I’m still alive…sort of…lol. Being overly dramatic here, but the nausea has kicked my ass badly the past few weeks. Other than that I’m doing fine…thanks for asking 🙂 I haven’t blogged at all lately. I think mainly because most of my followers are still struggling with infertility and it seems tough to go from struggling with infertility to being pregnant. Maybe I get back to it once the nausea is disappearing and I feel like a human again 🙂

      • Yeah, I’m not sure how I will balance that (if/when) I am pregnant. I totally understand not wanting to alienate those of us still in the trenches, but at the same time we (most of us!) do want to hear how it’s going. Do what you’re comfortable with. Hopefully all of that nausea means good things!

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