Ok, so apparently the universe took note of my whining and moaning…because J has a secondary interview with one of our top choices on Tuesday! He’s dealing with a third party recruiter, so this person doesn’t actually work for his company, she just does preliminary interviewing on behalf of many locations of his company. But she did his first interview just to touch base with him when he first put in his application, and she told him she would have to go to the location and find out if they were willing to sponsor him, if not there was obviously no point in continuing the process. So they said yes! Sooo exciting 😀

Here I am already getting ahead of myself, but I know realistically that he will have to get through this secondary interview with the recruiter, and then he would have to interview directly with the specific location, so there is still a lot to go. He will have to knock their socks off for them to choose to sponsor him, over taking an American citizen that is ready to go. Plus they would have to wait for his visa to be approved, and relocate us. It’s a big process and this is just the first yes in the whole scheme.

I would be so so stoked if this one happens. It is one of my dream locations. I’m going to leave it a mystery for now, for suspense, and just to keep a bit of anonymity still. If he gets it, I’ll tell you all where we’re going. So pumped that we at least still have a shot in hell. When he got the rejection from the other location earlier this week we thought that was it and we’ve both been so down about it, this came at a perfect time, if not to buoy us a little longer before it possibly comes crashing down again.

On a separate note, AF should be here tomorrow. I’m having some nasty cramping today, but other than that I haven’t really had any pre AF symptoms. I love being back on BCP. I don’t have to wonder if I’m pg, and my hormones are more under control, in that I don’t have crazy PMS. So today, life is good. Ask me again in a week and I may not say the same, but lets take it one day at a time. Little wins.


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