What the Fuckity Fuck?


Sorry, I know that’s not a very ladylike title, but for real. What. The. Fuck. In the past month I’ve had two friends announce accidental pregnancies, plus I have a bajillion other pregnant friends. I am at the magical age where all of my friends are having kids. I was one of the first to get engaged and married, and now everyone else is whizzing past me in their quest to build their families. It seems like just in the past 6 months there’s been at least one or two pregnancy announcements every month. I have two friends that are pregnant with twins! That is ridiculous! I don’t even have that many friends, how can all of them be getting pregnant!? And it’s one thing from the married folk; you’ve been married for a couple of years? Ok fair enough, it was probably time. You literally just got married? Settle down, it’s not a race. You’re not even married (not that it matters, but what I’m saying is that you had no plans for a baby in your future, never mind a wedding)? Fuck you.

Frick, so annoyed. Facebook pisses me off so much sometimes, but I just can’t give it up. I love most other aspects of it, and I keep in touch with a lot of people that way (I know, I should have, you know, real life relationships with people). I don’t really post a lot on Facebook, I mostly just use it to keep track of what’s going on with my friends, and I like it that way. I’ve taken to deleting or blocking anyone who  pisses me off on Facebook. I’ll usually give them two chances, but after that? Buh-bye. It is liberating to remove offenders from my circle, but when I do it, then I think “But what if I miss something, because I don’t have them as a friend anymore”. Ok, it sounds sort of pathetic when I say it out loud. Hence forth (yes, I am speaking like a medieval person) any moron who offends my delicate nature shall be removed! Pardon me while I go clean my friends list…

*Sorry for the rant-y, curse-y post, I literally just saw the 2nd friends pregnancy announcement. They “just couldn’t wait”. They’re due in September. Way to jump the gun. Assholes.

22 thoughts on “What the Fuckity Fuck?

  1. Yes, I’ve “unfollowed” 2 August EDD’s and one (so far) September EDD. And I’ve “unfollowed” several people who post daily pics of their infants. Enough people, get a f*ing life. Oh, and don’t apologize for profanity–I am a fan of a good rant 🙂 XO

    • It’s not even just the preggos I’ve started removing, just people who make moronic comments/statements, ect also get the boot. That’s why I try not to complain, or otherwise be an annoyance on Facebook because I know how much it pisses me off lol.

  2. Ugh I’m at that age too. I’m happy for people, I am, but it just reminds me of what my body can’t seem to do. Hubby and I were married first of all my friends, and almost all of them have a baby (or are preggo) now. Blarg. I just hide them from my newsfeed so I don’t get the constant updates on “how horrible pregnancy is” or “how horrible their babies/toddlers are”. It’s awfully hard not to remind them how LUCKY they are and how THANKFUL they should be.

    • I have a hard time even being happy for people unless it is someone that I am quite good friends with. I am even a little bitter about my cousin and his wife who is pregnant with twins. They should make a seperate website called Babybook or something, so the rest of the world doesn’t have to partake in the *look how cute and amazing my kid is* bs that Facebook seems to be all about.

  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel. The worst was my sister in law, who was in the middle of a divorce and planned to get knocked up by a “shady” character and then wanted me to be happy for her. I unfollow people rather than block or unfriend because that way I can still keep the relationship in tact without wanting to stab my eyes out when they post their pregnancy complaints or updates.

  4. Yeah, I can completely relate. In fact, a friend who is getting a divorce just told me she is pregnant, and worse, her soon to be ex-husband asked her to get an abortion. Like really?? I seriously wanted to cry when she told me that. Life is so unfair sometimes 😦

  5. Ha! You make me laugh. I totally get it. They don’t, obviously. We are like the queens of tact after going through what we go through, yeah? I find myself analyzing situations more before opening my mouth after hearing all of the stupid stuff people say to me. Stupid, stupid, stupid. 😜

    • Absolutely! I always felt like I was a pretty tactful person, but now it is on a whole other level. I find often I just don’t say anything because if I can’t say it without offending someone, I don’t say it at all. I’ve always been more of an observer than a participator anyways, so…

  6. preach on!!! I completely understand. I let out a few huge FUCKS recently as people announced their pregnancies. It’s frustrating, annoying, and really just pissed me off. I always ask why not me? What did I do? Keep your head up. It has to get better, right?

  7. Rant on girl, rant on!! Get it out here where we all understand! I don’t think it gets any easier to handle the MULTIPLE pg announcements but we just have to find a productive way to be angry. Until we find that, rant on! ps… if anyone does find that, please dear heavens, please share with the class!!

    • You would think it would get easier over time, like I would grow a thicker skin or something, but the last couple have just sent me right over the edge. I’m just glad they haven’t been in person or I might lose my shit on someone. And then maybe feel a little bad about it.

  8. My SIL is due in two weeks and posts bump updated at least once a week. I am happy for them but I don’t care that much. Does that sound bad? Basically I vow to never post bump updates on Facebook!

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