TV Pisses Me Off


Here’s a parody commercial that I saw on a show I was watching this morning that really pissed me off. I can see the humor in it, and right now it is my life but I still found it rather offensive.

5 thoughts on “TV Pisses Me Off

  1. I see the humour in it, and I know it’s supposed to be satirical but I have to be honest…the whole “walking through the park swinging hands thing” only perpetuates the opinion that childless couples live a dream life…which is so NOT true. Even though it’s meant to be a joke, I think it’ll only add fuel to that fire! And once again, doesn’t include IFers!

  2. Wow!!! I too can see some truth and possibly some humor in this. Maybe due to my sarcastic personality. However, some of the things mentioned were just plain rude! Although my childfree life makes ME sad, having children doesn’t ruin everyone’s lives. Sure it makes me sad to not have the ability to procreate and clearly some of parents “don’t deserve the right to have children” but not all parents regret having kids. If I were a mother I would be very offended!!! Having a child or not should NOT DEFINE OUR WHOLE LIFE’S HAPPINESS! Children can be the icing on the cake for some. Is it not possible that many parents were already happy and now happier after having kids??? Ugh…

  3. RIGHT!?! I’d seen this floating around facebook this week and was avoiding watching it… but then a really close friend posted it in a group chat we have going with 2 other friends (both of whom, plus the friend who sent it, have children). I couldn’t believe it. I’m not angry, just really hurt. She 100% knows our struggles for the past 5 YEARS. I texted my husband to vent about it (he works overnights) and he pointed out that it’s clearly directed at couples *choosing* not to ever have children, and that it shows that my friend doesn’t think of us as people who will never have children… but still. I’m the queen of overreactions right now, but I really can’t stand that video.

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