Relationship Challenge: Day 8


Happy hump day!

This video is quite possibly the best thing about Wednesdays. J and I have taken to answering the phone (to each other only) with “Woot, woot!” instead of hello. Love it. Anywho, I don’t really have a whole lot to say today. I went to what will have been my last acupuncture session today. It was with another different acupuncturist because the schedule doesn’t always allow me to see the same one. She was not my favourite, and then I wanted to rebook for on or around the day of the IUI but the schedule just didn’t work so I figured, ok well that’s the universe telling me, no more. 

I had the day off work today (as I have to work Saturday, boo) so I made a Mexican soup that is one of mine and J’s favourites but it takes a bit of work, lots of steps and things going on all at once. So when he got home I was in the middle of making it, the kitchen was a disaster, I was overheating and stressed out so I told him, “I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you need to get out of the kitchen”. We have a small kitchen and he was trying to peek around and steal bites and I was about to snap. 

So after I made him leave I was still multi tasking, and seriously trying to not cry while cooking dinner. I was just hit with a lot of emotion, frustration, stress, and I was having a hard time. Luckily, I managed to finish making dinner (it was delicious) without freaking out and I destressed a bit. After dinner I told J, that is what Clo-mad looks like. Can’t wait to be done with that.

So, onto relationship challenge day 8: Control the Cubicle in Your Pocket

Managing time is a pervasive, widespread struggle.  Many of us walk around with a cubicle in our pocket, and we always have the feeling that we should be working, or could be working—or we actually are working! At home, this constant pull toward work can distract us from the people to whom we want to give our time and attention.

The real problem isn’t the switch on our computers, but the switch in our minds.

You have to make your own rules to control the cubicle in your pocket, because your work, family situation, and technology challenge is different from everyone else’s. But to get you started consider these suggestions: 

Create time periods each day when you don’t check email or connect to the internet.

In particular, don’t check email at bedtime.

If possible, do your most demanding mental work in the morning, before the day’s distractions kick in.

Give yourself a “quitting time” each day, after which you do no more work .That way, you give yourself a sense of true leisure.

Resolve to “Control the cubicle in your pocket.” Remember, technology is a good servant, but a bad master.


p>When I first read this one, I thought “Pfft, I don’t have a problem with this at all”. And I don’t, not the work part at least. I am very good at turning off work once I leave. I hate working overtime and try and be very efficient to avoid it all costs. But technology has a grasp on me for sure. I am always playing on the iPad or my phone and J does it too. When we’re having dinner we don’t touch our phones, but we do watch tv. I think it would be nice to spend a day away from technology, but that just feels so scary. I just need to remember to limit it, and not let it interfere with the real people in my life.


9 thoughts on “Relationship Challenge: Day 8

  1. I have never heard it called “clo-mad” before! That’s funny! I would love to have your recipe for the mexican soup. It sounds delish!

  2. Mallory

    My husband and I have a strict “no phones at dinner” rule, and he also has a “dinner at the table with no TV on” rule that I begrudgingly adhere to (though tonight he is working late so dinner in front of the TV it is!). It can be annoying, but I know it’s good for us to sit down and have dinner together.

  3. Haha I love that video! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m currently in Ontario but I lived in Alberta for 6 years (and LOVED it!)! We’ve have Albertan weather all winter so far!

  4. I think if there wasn’t any internet and other technologies humans would be better at living together and communicating. It struck me the other day how crazy people are with their smart phones (I don’t own one as I don’t have any need for it) whilst sitting in the waiting room at my fertility clinic. EVERYBODY was starring at their freakin’ smart phones…what the heck…to me that just was odd and dysfunctional looking. I so should have been born into an Amish family minus the religion…lol. Woot woot!

    • Ha ha, Amish minus the religion lol. I have to admit I am one of those people with my phone out constantly. It’s like an extra appendage. Terrible I know. I am going to get a book from the library tonight and try using that as a distraction instead of my phone. But I loooove technology!

      • It’s not like I’m against technology, but I think humans have lost a lot of abilities in the process. I think as long as there is a balance it’s all good. I bet if I had a fancy cell phone I’d be just as bad 😉

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